Poetry: Many (Different)!


I have seen you inside the throats of rivers.
Met you last Summer in the gutter you sat.
Saw the bread you broke for pieces of silvers,

Your bosom is bloated,your stomach is fat.
The Moon covers your face, the sun blinds us out,
So you’d claim lilies with the stealth of a cat.

Today we agree to keep open your mouth,
To feed you the number of lillies that die,
To believe your fortune will come without doubt.

The absence of your teeth is eternal lie.
We will one day all pass through your needle’s eye.

Are you?
Should i ask
My reflection
In the mirror’s eyes?
I’m a stranger to me.
I’ve altered this ego still,
The difference is yet the same.
How can i be me and another?

Where did you go to from the Bible?
Did you travel by Babylon?
We waited with Bob Marley,
while you sailed to our shores.
Bring your ship back home,
dear Redemption.
Please come home
To us

Life has become a river flowing back home
distributing streams of laughter, joy and pain.
Look at how life started from the tales of Rome.

I know how the path could be sunny with rain,
stretching its clouds to cover the yellow sun.
We exert our existence to be insane.

So whenever you ground becomes tough to run,
Look to the maker, the giver of these feet.
He’s the tour guide, his riddles come with some fun.

So know right redemption runs round the drumbeat
While we wait willingly wearing a white treat.


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