Poetry: Pictures!


Trapped in this oval shaped steel
Left with nothing to feel
But trapped, locked in
Confined about and within
I am trapped in this smile
It wore off like shoes that ran a mile
Only it did in the blink of an eye.
Here I am, keeping the illusion
Participating in labour
My division being my hands akimbo
With my elbow grazing the edges
Pretending to smoke benson and hedges
The weed around me
Transmitting chaos
Sun-flies surround me
Perfect is bogus
In this oval shaped, bar prison
My surrounding screams treason;
Betrayal of a perfect picture
Because I lost my perfection
In this picture perfect reflection

Humanity frozen
In the stillness of time.
A replay of rebirth,
Future’s arrogant pantomime.
A fragment of reality-
An illusion of truth.
Years stapled in unfolding origami,
Memories of a disdained youth.
Pictures are perfect passages
Into places to be left for ages.

Memories captured in a frame,
Wearing a frown will be lame,
Treasured by generations yet to come,
Even tears look beautiful,
And smiles half-full,
Colours brushed in happiness,
Shadows tinted with sadness,
Brittle pieces of reality,
Sometimes used for formalities,
Abnormalities form as normality,
Smile, focus, caption.

Hijab Gurl.
Darkness blends into my eyes
Slowly giving me sight
To see images only darkness shows
I see pictures of a little girl
Skipping in moments of joy
I see pictures of knowing hands
Ripping her innocence apart
Anointing her with impure oil
Giving her the mark of a sufferer
I see pictures of her blooming days
How her eyes become watery pearls
Her lips form love’s shape
I see pictures of her and determination
He holds her loosely
I see pictures of choices
Some had their ugly hands on her throat
She poses with shame
While regrets smile in the background
I see pictures of her giving up
As she is led by a past she refused to deal with…

Omolola J.
I picture a day
Our fallen walls will rise
On foundation of truth
Built by hands of patriotism.

I picture a day
Chaos will puke peace
Flying flags of love
On lands wars have seized.

I picture a day
Umbrellas and brooms be one
So this change indeed change –
No need to change the change.

I picture a day
These pictures could be
So snapped wishes can live
Forever on walls of our memories.

dark and gloom
hovering around my room
tied by my eyes
shelling the fury ice.
You tell a lot than love
You carry a lot than the sky.

Strokes and shades
Frozen frames
Somewhere in between
Moments caught
Highlight the eyes
It belongs to the world
Shadow the tints
They mustn’t steal the light
Whatever you do
Keep memories
More good than bad

Jennifer Dafwat
Pictures are perfect with glaring emotions fixed in a frame
A moment of joy can just be fleeting
When the voice says cheese
A temporary reset gets your teeth to clamp
Then you fake a smile
Do you See the pain behind the veil?
Can you lift my gown and see my bruises?
It’s white but a blemish
These pictures ain’t perfect
But perfection are seen in pixels and pictures
Smile then cry
Chic chok

Rachel Charles
In faded memories
Negatives worked out.
In rolling tapes
The click shutters unhealthy.
Formula and cropped inches.
Mirrored in reflections.
Cropped just to be straightened.
Before it ended, the third eye was the lens.

Memories of beautiful moments
Frozen and pasted on a card
Sometimes framed
Sometimes booked
While other times left to fly around

Unknown yesterdays
Preserved so today can replay
Sometimes of beauty
Sometimes of shame
While other times of things we aren’t proud to tell.

Pictures taken for tomorrow’s sake
Pictures saved are yesterday’s treasure for today.


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