Poetry: Eyes!


See me, please see me. See me for who i am
Do not relieve me of this stare,let this beauty swam.

Blink, blink, blink another, drop the tears to clean.
Let your socket be my mirror,let it help me preen.

Close up at night, close your windows and then go to sleep.
Our eyes are filled with miracles, not all are meant to weep.

A pathway.
One to love, another to dismay.

A window that speaks;
For the sane and the freaks.

Look hard enough and never miss
A message about needing a kiss

Mirror mirror on the wall,
take a watch to know I rise when I fall.

Reflector of the divinity of man
holding memoirs of sin in the harmattan.

I grovel at you omniscient
Coursing towards your amusement.

Thine eyes, o what wonderful works of art!
Their whites forever speak intimate promises to mine heart.

I hear them all, those words your gaze alone sings…
“Touch me, fill me, blow me- that I may fly away on sensuous wings”

I hear them,
Those secret yearnings and pleas that come in tandem.

Feeding me with right and wrong,
to be cautious and strong.

In my courage or dismay,
my two diamonds show the way.

Trapping beauty and all with light,
Finding me the perfect knight.

Glossy balls
Socketed into curved walls

Forestall imminent falls
As they catch pitfalls.

If caught by shortfalls,
They’ll rain waterfalls.

This lamp burns day and night.
Dark or bright vision, pleasant delight.

Fastened and safe in its pit.
Quick to close its lid. Don’t hit.

In distinct colours, beautiful piece.
Swim-on, when tears lose its peace.


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