Poetry: Friendship!


Conversation in breathless gasps
Confrontation when wits are lost
Hand in hand and buttocks in laps
That is the prize that friendship costs
A friend in deed, a friend that lasts
Not one whose heart is cold as frost

I have found you in this garden.
I ask that you plant your feet deep
For waves will wind to be hardened
And slippery slope will steep sweep.
I prayed for a Middlemist red,
The rarest in the garden bed.
Thoughts of her converge in my mind,
Like a feeling that’s hard to find.
And then you came;bright,green, preserved.
Your face,the best impression served.
Your heart,a complete galaxy
Waving from the stars’ apogee.
You stood there, reminding me that
Friends alike are like live jackets;
Friendship could save or let you drown.
You became my Middlemist red,
My jar’s happiness container.

It has been beauty in struggle,
And ugliness in the success.
For bread, everyday we’d hustle
And our work, God will always bless.

With my friends, I’m always humble,
And I’m saved even in trouble.
We share all things, even respect,
Until death, they’ll never neglect.

This is far beyond holding hands
and the writings on cute round bands.
For life is spiced by highs and lows.
Two strings tied into Christmas bows.

We have laughter and some days’ tears.
Lovingly we conquer our fears.
To each other, we give essence.
Finally, everything makes sense.

Today we are, with time we die.
But it’s fine if it’s you and I.
We shall go beyond the dark grave,
Our friendship on men’s hearts engrave.

It shall be that there were these two,
Each with one crazy leg of shoe.
They conquered, they saw and they came
And loved each other without shame

…but wait, please. Is friendship not bliss?
All the kiss,passion and near miss.
With your hind, you cast to the wind.
All those years that long built our fears,
You don’t care any more. It’s clear
In thine eyes, I see all the lies.
The fake cries, same as all those guys-
We pointed at how they faulted.

Hmmm, I guess yours is called “friend-sheep”
I mean like wolf in sheep’s clothing.
No! No more right to board this ship.
Save for whence we heal like clotting.
Blood, we must cake again this wound,
Else tell me naught about friendship.


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