Poetry: RED.


The content of petal secrets
Evidence of innocence snatched
Consequence of disagreement
Blood red is the colour of death

Its beauty leaves a need to bleed
Accompanying a knee to plead
A flow that can always mislead
Blood red is the colour of depth

Residual danger instincts
Line that follows after being scratched
Enemy of endangerment
Red is the colour of lost breath

Alien human dropped on earth
Unclear calligraphy at birth
A portrait of raisins cherished
Sunshine heating us malnourished.

Your dew drops from eaves, soothe these leaves.
Raging chlorophyll, decent light.
When you meddle, your kindness sieves
Eve, the clear opposite of trite.

This life is just a sacrifice;
The lamb, the knife, the match, the scratch.
Between this tidal bone of gneiss,
Rin Eve Dav, like an egg, will hatch.

Precious shade with a perfect light,
beautiful in the dark of night .
Their favourite on our rainbow,
lurking in like a quirk shadow .
Outwardly,a coy woman’s best
standing tall, admits the great rest.
As a new bride does her new groom,
It brought the spark to our dull room.
Though In my name I have no sou,
it strongly reminds me of you!

Nna e get as e be so,
Ground for we kontri no level
‘Yeast’ dey small to carry make ‘dough’
Economy no just level
Na soso complain full ground
Egunje nor con dey go round
As free as e bidon dey pass
Now na hard thing to try cut class
We new government vex tear eye;
Yarn say corruption own na lie,
Say no be business again
Dem own na to reduce we pain.
For two years now na pain dem bring
…politicians dey for same ring


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