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Little pieces of secrets
Some dark, some not so dark and some white
We collect them a piece at a time
Like an addicted antique collector
Piecing together a collection

Little pieces of secrets
Some of them ours
Others others’ we are sworn to keep
Piece by piece we pile them
Like a refuse dump piles up
One piece of trash at a time

Dark adds to not-so-dark to birth a new hue
So dark, that the heart begins to itch
Yet the tongue can’t quite form the words
Or, the bucket-on-a-rope to empty the well of secrets
But bad as we itch, we still can’t scratch.

Little pieces of secrets
Gathering like the clouds before the rain
The rain that will never kiss the earth
The clouds that will never disperse
Like a campaign gathering waiting on the convener

Little pieces of secrets
I collect mine, one at a time
Like a lapidarist collecting rare stones
You collect yours as they fall in your lap
Like a starasologer keeping score of stars.
Everyone is pregnant with his own little pieces of secret.

Aren’t we all just piggy banks of secrets?

©Thomas Bot

Thomas Tok Bot is a spoken word poet, songwriter and community worker who loves music, playing the guitar, playing basketball, reading, writing, painting, and meeting people.
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