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Blue lights red dazzling
dimpled arena
a smiling cascade of white chiffon
debonair drapes heralding a bevy of divas
clad fitted
in black
cleft mean and profound
on stiletto lifts
pumped in variegated existence of colours
such beauty to behold
music, romance and splendour
at past six

Fellas in gingered disposition
ready to savour
candle lights and wax
flashes and class
magic happens on stage
my purview engage
serenading voices
belly full
the guitar saunter
piano mellow
lyrics love-laced
caressing hearts within its enclave
in a gentle massage

On petit stool, the drummer rattles on
shattering clashes of assertive cymbals
whipping membranes
sheath stretched
hugging steel hollows
sound swelling mightily
stealing the night away

Out the corner
beyond the silence of goodbyes
the arena stood gazing
car park after frenzy
numbers exchange
exaggerated tendencies
excitement weakens in reducing sequence
souls satisfied
hearts lifted
pale into the dark
the last drop of red light flickers
swallowed up
into the womb of history
a jiggy Jazz night

Excerpt from “There Is A Lunatic In Every Town.”

Available on Okadabooks and Konga.
Available in Salamander Cafe in Wuse 2, Hut 5, Arts Village,Transcorp Hilton Hotel
Available in Glendora Bookshop,Shoprite, Ikeja from August

BSA is a poet, banker, architect and author of “There Is A Lunatic In Every Town.” He’s a member of the Abuja Literary Society.


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