Poetry: Nobel of Ignorance


How we do not know
Of wisdom’s monopoly
A shame they call it
When blindness stifles to see
That open eyes pleasures sleep

And when we awake
From the house of slumber’s stare
To find we know not
That innocence defiled us
Trying to save that not lost…


The reward I got
For being a sane rebel
Placed me among vile
Took me away from living
Little by little I die

As I bought wisdom
The grey hair already came
It was a late kiss
Too late to live and exist
Too late to wake from the grave

Rachel Charles
Dear Ignorant man
I bring you tides of insight
for foresight of mind.
Wrap your neck with discernment
So you don’t die unaware.

Wake from your slumber
accept the tree that bears fruit.
Fruits with seeds of deep knowledge.
Leap from the grounds of such fools
Into clouds of perception.

Isn’t it epic,
To know not that you know not?
It’s the mind’s darkness
The brain fails to interpret
Yet the lips tell with delight

Isn’t it blindness,
To not see even in light?
Spread your wings and fly
Wisdom tooth won’t make you wise
Eve ate yet wisdom slipped her

Jerk into knowledge
Let understanding slide in
Visit with wisdom
And she will fill your bosom,
With no hands to pick folly

Call upon yourself
Rant your words to your hearing
Listen to reason
Make love to pure awareness
Revel in learning roots, truths…

Omolola J.

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