Poetry: A Ray of Hate

Maiden! What shock have you not felt before?
Dark-night ushering the one that comes in
to think of how fragile men hurt my core.
Carefully stitch this bone to the weak skin.
Color human is made from deceit’s gleam
Smiling as savory reveals secrets
so the tricky question will tell your team.
There’s none, Maiden as black as the crickets
Dark-nights echoes their sound and your first name
and when you answer, no sun will live here.
Like every man you will now be this-same
a touch of the sun piercing like the spear.

ーthe night may have ignited hate to rhyme
mornings may come and being human will chime.



I will hate you before tomorrow’s face
And when today is gone with you along
I will wait to maim your shadow after.
Just leave! These leaves don’t need a broken vase.
My warmest feeling is a hateful song,
A needle prick in abysmal laughter
This is a litany of how you died
A well, steaming to show how hate so strong
Can drown a verse and swim through a chapter.
This is to beams of waters you never cried;
Those in the rafter.



Biafaran, Nigerian!
have we lost our history?
Poetry, consciousness, civilian or military
East or West, North or South, am I not called African?
Hear my pleas, hear my shouts, I am not a fan
Of violence or tragedies, tell me only of gallantry
Wetie! Wetie! Wetie! Lead me to the cemetery!
Araba! Araba! Araba! Mun’e mai Kasar Zinariya’n!

What if you say, oh God do bless me!
What if you weren’t just somebody, something
I’d tag as Jabba or Igbo, Aboki, Fulani or kanuri
How did we de-confederate to this Berlin of sin?
Can’t you see our children die? somebody, anybody, against this enemy…
Fingers crossed, side by side is the only way we’d win!



Do not let that evil blinding light shine
That which flickers with a flame of regret
With the devils fork it does come to dine
It dredges old crumbs we’ll rather forget

A black magic that churns much more than love
Snaky feelings hissing through angry paths
When the urges ignite, give it a shove
Life’s summation, minus hate, do the maths

This black ray fits into gloomy places
Like the thin line between a parallel
It hatches a frown on cloudy faces
Hidden in Arctics, a vile apparel

First a tinge then comes a twinkle
Searches for a weakness, then a sprinkle.



A fake resoluted man and his life.
Folded heart on bended mind in his sleeves.
Again every black isn’t, who believes?.
Say again that which is worth the deep dive.

A spectator of the life watching live.
Sunshine undone grumpy dried autumn leaves
Fathers of fatherless emotions lives.
For protecting self hate makes it alive.

Vanquishing dispatch of undying control.
Deep down exist a man inside the man.
Twisted insane love, crazily it drove.

Say again that which is under control .
Why does it feel so different to man.
Twisted insane love, crazily it drove.



Most out fathers have grown us to love hate
Their greed has bought us a lifetime of chaos
Etching hypocrisy on mother’s fate
Ours is now a house of them and us

The sweet mural which adorns most our hearts
Is but a reflection of sour reliefs
It’d sure make a face cringe in parts
Our bane is pseudo religious beliefs

Wearing age with shameless ineptitude
They pressed upon this Nation heartlessly
Deceiving us with moral falsitude
‘Praise unto someone regardlessly’

Grown as slaves to sacred texts and hadiths
I see a generation of hard deeds



Bouncing castles bouncing, no care for time
The strings puppet pulled in two directions
Today the sun and the moon aren’t a-rhyme
Snakes are harmless without provocations

Going and coming the path less treated
Glances from behind glasses of contempt
Salt to a sore, the hurt is compounded
Squalor’s certain when a house is unkempt

The careless words from unguided tongues
Marks the first glimmer of the dawn of hate
Wrong to right a wrong, weigh the rights and wrongs
When days are consumed nights will constipate

Big beams of bright light begin with a ray
The toll of hate is always dear to pay


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