Poetry: Warm Blankets

Drifting in and out of nature
through the slippery hands of time,
she held her hopes in a yellow texture
waiting for the bells to chime.
Out of the grey bowl of nothing
her thoughts became closer to her than me,
I was tied in her head not to be free
even if my cracks were made of something.
Just then the sun stretched out its wings
and covered her soul with many other things.



Crinkle,crinkled weather wrap
Unwrap and cover my cold
At night when windows unwrap their maps
Your job is to have and to hold.
Some moments are letters that come unread
Others are minutes too cold to weather my bed.
Remove these thoughts shivering cold in my head
Alive is a seed that won’t bloom if I’m dead.
“Uncrinkle”, crinkled weather wrap
Come warm to have and to hold.



The barrier between me and coldness.

In you I have found warm care.
Your skin to mine discourages open eyes.
Between us warm breeze lies.
Your cold friend can’t tell of your inner self.

My manual heater.
You built me a castle during winter.
Your smile is the warmest I have ever seen.
Warm you’re war without the M of me.
The warden of my soul you’ve always been.



The sorrows soaked my existence
Tears and smiles wore me a garment
Though I found solace where your hands were
Under the blanket you cuddled my flaws
Saw my sores but your name covered my shame
Under the blanket we ironed our faults game
The world saw an ageless queen
A practising preacher who knew her onion and green
Under the blankets were wrinkled mistakes
Yet a second chance was given for goodness sake

Rachel Charles


Her soul was the windshield
Keeping the road to my heart clear
There were days the shrubs grew too thick
But she was never known to complain
She dug through
until the tunnel could let in air and light
I breathed
And when my lungs couldn’t hold the first time’s burn
She opened up and soaked all my sobs
She was who she is better

Jennifer Dafwat


Upon my soul your storm beats
Your beastly train runs over and crushes me
One miracle only, makes me see
Beyond despair, and my bone breaking defeats

Chased by your frigid dogs
I sneak to bed like hunted game
What will warm my cold heart, my soul so lame?
Not lightning, not hot coffee in seductive mugs

Only one miracle renews me afresh
Only Silvers, only Onyi, my warm blanket!





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