Poetry: Shallow Waters!


On an arid settlement on my tongue
Is a land where good grazing takes too long
Beneath its sand, clay and silt
Are stones making routes unbuilt…
Growing greens too pale to leave in this wong.

The same is told of love, life and living
How deep we do fall is partly fleeting
We tend to cling to loose strands
And water infertile lands
To embrace only but shadows ebbing .



Dear shallow waters,how are you today?
Took me a long time to write you this day.
Deep thoughts,thick words,shallow you.
Your thoughts look deep,red and blue.
Are you really shallow? Sorry to say,

But your face and your name don’t look the same.
Who named you shallow,what is his own name?
Can his thought be called shallow?
Or should I also follow?
Some waters are shallow to wipe off shame.

Bang wan.


Shallow is the water that runs quite still
Deep enough to subdue and drown the will.
Plethora of opposites
Line the road of hypocrites
Testing is required when at the mill

Losing your keep can be an easy slip
It will take just a foot to make a dip
Mark your entry, keeping eyes
on exit. Be meek, be wise
Recall; shallow waters really run deep

Jennifer Dafwat


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