Poetry: Dear Grandpa

dear grandpa

Father of my dear father
Link to my origin and root
Your care was compared to that of mother
Though i would say,you both are cute
Your words were soul nourishing
Wisdom seemed speechless before you
You made age and death feel like vanishing
Fine old man, simplicity was your woo
Taught me lessons life wouldn’t teach
Your strength and vigor were mysterious
Death was close in reach
Yet you remained delirious
Dear Grandpa, even love loved you
I miss you old man. I miss you!



It was the steps in your shoes
That broke the piece of peace I found.
I wondered when they’ll become tight
I had always hated that noise
Yet you’d smile at my vain anger
And let your face brighten the sky
Like the rainstorm after thunder.
Almost my roommate but a spy
I loved those chants, these days I dance
To it, you said I would with time
I fought those fears, I gave them no chance
Sure! I stayed off every crime
Dear Grandpa, yes life is a race
And we don’t have to win every phase.



Dear grandpa
Hello from this other side
It has been a couple years thus far
Life without you is but a gloomy ride.
She dearly misses you-
Your better half.
Give me strength to hold her thew(s)
As you would,to make her smile and laugh.
You taught us to love and care
With heart and soul
Devoid of worries and fear-
That to you should be the sum of one’s goal

Teaching that to love with care and heart,
Is the reflection of a divine art.


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