Leonell EchaMay 4, 2017

Father of my dear father Link to my origin and root Your care was compared to that of mother Though i would say,you both are cute Your words were soul nourishing Wisdom seemed speechless before you You made age and death feel like vanishing Fine old man, simplicity was your woo Taught me lessons life […]

Leonell EchaMay 4, 2017

Two doors, same destination Walk me away from my hallucination Tiptoe, tiptoe, avoid the issues Avoiding water, we’ve become tissues One turned former, the second became present Manifesting the same things he used to resent. The system has driven us on flat tyres to hunger The change has spiced our meals with anger Two doors […]

Leonell EchaMay 2, 2017

Baa, baa, black sheep Your colour precedes you Eccentric and bold Everyone wants a black wool Yet they bleach you white Afraid to wear nature’s art Your wool is buried deep in pride Baa, baa, black sheep You should know you birth all civilisation Your wool is an absorbing bliss No taint can stain you […]

Leonell EchaMay 1, 2017

It circled my lips and back. Intensity rose to a peak. Shivers slowly shoved to black. Your voice makes my knees weak. Tasting every word you whisper, Senses sentenced to adulation, Eerily bruised, licking every blister, Sparkly eyes revere temptation. Kisses reeking of sin, With every touch, they pile. Feelings signaled a win Tucked between […]

Leonell EchaApril 30, 2017

Working all day from eight to five Feeding his brain with stress Just to sustain him,his kids and wife From a  business to man of the press Casting news like stones in the air Falling back to his personal story Wondering how life can be this unfair The more the struggle, the more you feel […]

Leonell EchaApril 28, 2017

Once upon a time was naive and young, A loneliness dying to be scratched. And in that space darkness sprung A void longing to be patched. This story has no glass slipper. High up with no hair to climb down, Pot holes with ropes for a skipper, Smiles eloped leaving behind a frown. As fairies […]

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