Poetry: Favourite Sin


It circled my lips and back.

Intensity rose to a peak.
Shivers slowly shoved to black.
Your voice makes my knees weak.

Tasting every word you whisper,
Senses sentenced to adulation,
Eerily bruised, licking every blister,
Sparkly eyes revere temptation.

Kisses reeking of sin,
With every touch, they pile.
Feelings signaled a win
Tucked between deeds so vile.

It had six packs and a dimple.
Breaking free is never simple.


Today I lied

To the wrong person
I felt bad,so I cried
For the wrong reason

But why should I lie?
That’s a question I can’t ask
Cause to get an answer I must fly
Into my conscience, which is a big task

So to myself I lied again
Just to console my soul
Now my emotions drop tears like rain
Guilt has taken over my whole

But to stop this act isn’t easy
Cause doing it drives me crazy.

Existing as a mistake.
Mind in an event of tracks.
Not learning so I can retake.
Unlearn delusions in stacks.
Cuddle up again.
Wonder past the tide.
Our gone soul is all we have to gain.
Back peddle as we ride.
Spur out, in colours splashing.
Dynamite premonition.
Unfold the folded scroll, flashing.
Ricochet preposition.

Bury me in your senses.
Don’t want to wander off as past tenses.

There are no rooms in this church
The pews are filthy filled.
Her gardening is void of touch
On the field forgiveness was killed.

This is a sting
That doesn’t leave the bee dead
It is a sling
That aims only for the head

Love is this disease
And the cure is a sin
No atonement can appease
This impurity is totally clean.

Though we are healed by its roots
We die as we stem from what she shoots.


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