Bangwan Nuhu Usman: The Lost Opportunity


An eye for an eye, admiring the complexion of beauty.
Lips sealed with enthusiasm
Hearts dressed up in joy
Stomachs filled with butterflies
Nature today has shown me favor.
Dark gums, pink lips, kinky hair, lonely curves
This beauty is full of itself
Enumeration of her steps gave me a go ahead with no leg to stand on.
In a static movement my smile gazed back at hers with a shy bye
My legs constructed a path for her toes to step on
Her palm on my shoulder found a brief support
With her hip rubbing shoulder with me
Her presence was gradually disappearing
My feelings still in search of its identity
My tongue tied with fear
My words now far from near
“We will meet again.” To myself I lied

Battling with “will she or will she not turn me down?”
Scared of the same road I will someday use
My fear is now on “how long will it take to unplug this fuse?”
In a clear voice like printout to myself
I kept flaunting rhetorical questions like a confused soul,
Until absence stole her presence
Now confidence cuddles my fear

And boldness overtaking shyness
But the sound of my words her ears never tasted.








Bangwan Nuhu Usman
Is from Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State.
He’s a writer/poet/entrepreneur.

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