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I see the approaching end
invitations I shall send
To all who will nicely bend
broken bridges to amend
For my prayers to ascend
The great past had been a trend
Made my sole enemy ,Friend
What i do not have, i Spend
So my dreams can Transcend .
Glam unworthy ,i Suspend.
The price I may Apprehend
Black and white will nicely Blend
This story soon i will Lend.



I gazed tirelessly at it
The huge chandelier just fit
The stage was gloriously lit
The finale starts in a bit
The giant hall just seemed conceit.
While contestants filled their seats,
Orchestra set to emit
The audience just felt unfit
Their noise suddenly they quit
When a sound heard from a beat
Tis indeed grand and elite
The host said, with so much feat
And it begun. Voices sweet!
This event will be a treat



“So the finale holds today”?
He asked, still mixing his clay
Cassie looked up, sighed and said “nay,
Noel, you’re asking this question yet another way”
Turning to Dave, her eyes had this to say
‘He does this everyday,
I mean ask questions that makes patience sway’
“It holds tomorrow and it’s at Mimie’s bay”
She added “be sure to fix that sleigh,
Last time you ended up making everyone pay
For the cost of your delay”
Then Solomon chipped “we started since may,
Mold your thoughts and make them stay
We cannot for them at this finale to stray”


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