Poetry: Death


⁠⁠⁠Death i heard your voice tonight
As the moon played hide and seek
My ears called to you not once
But only your shadow turned

Your presence came with sweet pain
That which brought the living dead
Washed away life and lost gain
Of all that stagnation spread
Death you again? Death
Why always you Death?

Dying has too many eyes
Watching the works of his hands.
It’s that bite, deep into sleep
A tooth in the mouth it wakes.

Posing as a strong weakling.
A name alive that dares fear.
A faint grip in a loose cling
Striking, ducking, farther near.

Wake one, wake their souls.
Take more, take control.

The other day I met Death.
He had on a funny hat.
Bloodless hands held a sickle
Calling, begging, “Sharpen me!”

He heard of his lost vict’ry,
His sickle velveteen steel,
Haunted by hunter quarry,
Gone past toothless bite of steel.

Whither your vict’ry?
Whither, Death, your sting?

Umbrella open the moon.
Firing back into closed holes.
Breathing faintly the injured.
Alive to yet die again.

Burn out all souls, living dead.
Gender breeding it’s war peace .
Transcending guided misled.
Yet compressed free in a piece.

These lost souls, bind them.
Broken chains, free them.

The Doors of life has two sides
The windows might not give chance
Little stones gathered in Snow
Alarm is just a ring tone

Master of skeletons life
Will these dust give wet dry bones
Is death just a playful knife?
Let’s bow to homes of sweet moans

Go take charge six feet
Six feet is where you rule

Rachel Charles
The garment worn by all, death
A path that must be trodden,
Room with no windows nor doors,
A pill all must have a taste.

Soul be ripped off violent calm,
Hear the grave be tightly loosed,
After truth lies serve as balm,
Book of good bad deeds be closed.

Death, plague bound make pale
Death walketh the street.

Hijab Gurl
The last time your guts was here
It left behind paths of grief
Sorrows sang beneath its shed
With a frown that called your name

My fist was straighten woven
When you were not still moving.
My both eyes were locked open
My all you proved disproving

You came the last time
That last time is gone.


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