Poetry: Stand Your Ground

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Jeer became an act
Smothering my attempted
Attempt to attempt

Now Rise marries fall
Laughter hanging very tall
Opposition called

I couldn’t answer
My voice just swallowed silence
Slowly down its throat

The walls of its throat
Kept cracking until success
Became family.

It’s a freedom trap!
“Unintending” to release…
It just sets you still.

It’s the usual crap!
Attention doesn’t seek ease
His feet grew chilled chills

Then bones start to snap.
Use a firm grip if you please.
Let wings stay uphill.

In the final lap
When intermission ceases
Leave a print there still

The key to our soul.
Unfortunately it’s cold.
Lay it down and breath.

Orders Unbeaten.
By your grace I am still here.
Violin playing.

Sometimes it’s witches.
Between a genie and wish.
A false extension.

Ground zero point five.
A shift and backspace between.
Speak and cast the spell.

Stand your ground for her
She has passed through a good fight
Love her like your flaws

Touch her mistakes stakes
She really wants to be one
Love imperfectly

Stand grounds perfect one
Two perfect ones can’t have all
Buy her some large dreams

Amidst slut shaming
Name calling is the town game
beauty in beast phase

Rachel Charles
You taught emotions
How to fly high with no wings,
How did you do this?

I’m in a puzzle
Puzzled by the way you poise
Your spirit on men

I searched for a proof
On the walls existence built
If truely you live

Suddenly you came
Same as the sun’s kiss on skins;
You birth melanin.

Remember your road,
The thorns, the pains and poisons
Then keep your face lit.

Remember the hills,
The rains, rocks, potholes, valleys
Then be resolute.

The doldrums will come.
Great blazes will burn down low.
Take what you know. Run.

Fires without should speak
Of great furnaces within.
With all that comes. Stand!



Weak grounds made of earth
Or those made of flesh and blood
may take you some way

But to go beyond
One need must weave legions! words!
Constant like the sun!

To sow seeds in time
to firmly root feet and souls
to harvest rewards

Words like swords must plant
kisses in Cupids heartland!
And wind in cyclones!


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