Poetry: False Prophets


Sounds of iron bells
Stealing away the silence
Like new time keepers

Faith has no bearing
Religious words with no strong-
Poles enough to hold

End of time has come
Prophecies covered with lies
Evil dressed in white.



They do say too much
They start and stoke fake fires
Then freeze in their flames

They know so little
They stop to scatter their lot
On fables for fools

They are like makeups-
They only shade for a while.
…A crumbling wall.



Falsehood, new gold rush
Prophets of lies like Cancer
illusions and death!

Death that never come
Only open thighs or tithes
Offered to dead gods!

We will not feed you
not anymore! Begone foe!
Oracles shine through!



They’re ‘ordained’ men
With white collars and turbans
Keeping lot for self

They’re supreme beings
with Grown corperations; an
Overflow of greed.

“Offerings and tithes,
Give in full ye shall receive”;
Their slogan for long.



Con fusion with much drama.
Like vultures they prey.

The vision seers
Preaching peace, promoting sin.
Words weigh more than pounds.

Speak fictional facts.
Their prayers will make you stray.
Pews outnumber views.



Morning they call night
As they swing their magic ward
Miracles befall

Truth, clear as morn light
Deceivers out to delude
Those who seek wanders

Falsehood, sin, they birth
Mischief they spread in the land
Day they change to night.

Hijab Gurl


In zeros and ones.
In binary they boycott.
Algebra expressed.

Pulling out from time.
Facades and rules regulate.
Could be true or not.

If the light is light
Then darkness shouldn’t be light.
Lies and compulsion.


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