BASIRU S. AMUNENI | “Lunatics are pioneers, industry changers and revolutionists.”


There is only one way to see the picture a writer paints in words: read the writer’s book. I could decide to draft an intriguing review that’d place you in the moment when the writer began nursing the idea of becoming a lunatic, but i won’t. This is not a review. Let those with a large appetite for knowledge find and read to agree or disagree with Basiru Sunday Amuneni on whether truly “There Is A Lunatic In Every Town.”

Basiru recalls that the American space “lunar” mission was tagged a “lunatic quest” when men came up with the thought of a moon landing. That’s a euphemism for “crazy, insane and demented shit.” But the Americans as we know don’t give a damn anyway. They can decide to embark on a journey beyond the milky way after Trump spends all of America’s money on his hair, cursing the media and blaming Obamacare, to go ask God why he had to do this to the American people.

Well, in Bash’s words, here are a few descriptions of a “crazy, insane and demented shit.” Oops! I meant a “lunatic.”

1. A lunatic challenges the status quo.

2. It is a mind that rebels against a system, those that dare to be different.

3. A lunatic seeks for a way to express their true person and passion.

4. Lunatics are pioneers, industry changers and revolutionists. If this definition is true according to Bash, then we’d have a list made up of people like Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Leon, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Dangote, Wole Soyinka, Bash, Mandela, Ladi Kwali, Albert Einstein, Michael Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr, Michael Jordan, Che Guevara, Mohamed Bouazizi and many more.

On the flip side, here are other descriptions;

5. A lunatic can be a menace to society, the dark side of us that throws thrash through the car window without much thought and litter the streets.

6. The illegal game hunter sending another wildlife to extinction.

7. The wife beater

8. The suicide bomber

9. The arrogant taxi driver that honks at you even on a lean traffic queue for no reason.

10. A political monster that has occupied an office for too long, lavishing state funds for personal gains.

11. People that have set the world back. Eg. Shekau, Adolph Hitler,Osama Bin Laden, ISIS and various terrorist groups.


The lunatic is all of these and everyone.


So there it is…the end of my statement. The details for the book launch are as follows:


Book Launch Date: Sunday, March 26th, 2017

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Venue: The Event Hall, Raw Materials Research & Development Institute (Near CAC) Maitama, Abuja FCT.


NOTE: Do not just come to make a friend or do a head count. Come with a friend.

And abeg, carry money come to buy the book. Ten Q!



There’s a name for every Lunatic
There’s a shame that raves in lunatics
There’s a fading flame accompanying lunacy
It’s an esteemed madness shared by shared insanity.
Just as there are colors in every rainbow
There’s a red nose on every clown.
Just as traffic colors sit on every street
There’s a madness in every town.
And every chatter, response, refrain of disgust or even happiness
Makes everyone a lunatic now.

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