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A fusion of delusion and abrasion
Shadows owning themselves
Holding knives and hurting themselves
Rabbit holes running deep and deeper
Living like raccoons in holes steeper
Leaving the mud above their abode
Open and prone to erode

Keep your gaze on the octopus
Despite its many tentacles
Hold that male by his testicle
Fishes slip, often sly and slippery
Look away,leave those eyes watery
Race cars keep their eyes on the prize
Be a bull, nail your prey in the eye

In your head, build a bridge
All the way to your heart, create a link
One blink of your eye
Your grasp could diversify
Next thing you know
You are singing a hate song
Pricked by what left you sprung

The world around you is cold
Cold steel is sometimes like gold
Until it sticks through your gut
And empties your flaws
Right in front of the world
In your underwear and a pair of socks
Then it dawns… you’d been sleeping on rocks

Excesses can be huge,
Leaves you seeking refuge
In anything available
Everything is fallible
The big picture is a puzzled piece
Like wood you fetch piece by piece
To set fire and enjoy the bliss

Pay attention
To every line that got a mention
Underlying beneath this benediction
Is an addiction of seduction
Seclude the clues and hold the truth
Roses are red and violets are blue
Cross your Ts and curve your U(s)
You only get one chance to die as you.


©Oluwadamilola Agboola


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