Poetry: And yes, she’s a woman!


She has th’s indescribable reason I know
She carries it like her bossom every where th’t She goes
She’s been called a wandering dove as each day rose
Waiting for time to water the feed so we sow
Seasons may say she’s persistent though
No matter the stones,her triumph will throw
For though terror her hand shook blow after blow
The fastest journeys are made of strides very slow
Her moments of pressure
Sat with her pain
Undid her losses
Piled up her gains
Her struggles were fetters
The scars stayed as stains
She wrote many letters
That were read in the rain
She stood as a brother, a dad and a slave
She gathered the mountains that stood by her cave
A hero, an elephant, her beast was beauty same
Ms. Farmer Lover Father, that was her name.



“Pass me this log
So I may ignite my fire”
The wood heard and replied
“If I were only a wood
I’ll not only ignite your fire
I’ll burn until all that’s left of you
Is ash ready for the sprinkling rite.”

“Can you quench thirst then?
Seeing you were grown by the water shed”
“You bet I could but the sun has sucked me dry
But I can help you go on shore
Though I must warn
If I soak some more
I will be your death
Making you drown
Will be nothing hard.”

“Besides a waging tongue
Of what use are you
At that moment I realised
She was she and all I needed in one”

Jennifer Dafwat


The city wants to hear your story
How you fought thoroughly with nine times
I appreciate the tale that sounds fiery
Oh woman! The beads around your waist gave an applause!
Same with beats that seemed like feats but you defeat
Let me speak of my wholesome pride:
While I dine with the struggling issues affecting our time.
Your strong days are echoed in trying times
Yet the storm kept you still to will
Dawn didn’t catch your rest turns
With heavy eyes you made the meal
Appreciating my other half.
For you I will write these pieces over and over again
I love your craft, I love your very being
I love how my soul tingle at the stars that twinkle.
Thorough trials and tides
That didn’t cut the mascara lines
The foundation concealed our flaws,
Even when we bear lowly grudge
We still think as one.
To make a home convenient for the boys
I write with many coys
I bow to celebrate you

Rachel Charles


I saw something beautiful yesterday
I smiled hard, my face tickled so much it itched
I twitched and there I felt it, a tear; warm, pure and salty
A kiss tiptoed to my lips
It left a residual bliss
With footsteps, in my heart you imprint
As if my heart were a sand beach
With joy, my soul ran free
Never had I felt like this
Words that fell from the mouth of a queen
Caressed my hurt in days of pain
They lit my path when days were dark
The words from your mouth; served as a lash
May I be you, may I love you
May I sleep next to you and wake up to your gorgeous face
May your heart be the reason I forgive
May your eyes be the reason I do not forget who I am
For when I look into them they would reflect who I neglect
May you be the reason that I am loved beyond words
May I feel love deep from my core because I was made to love
You! Yes you; I was made to love you
Little you! I was made to hold you
When my days are blue, you will light me up in white sparkles
My constellation of stars
My beautiful scars
88, figure 8, woman!
Tilt you to the side and you would be until infinity
And yes! A woman.
That’d be me.



Yes, I am a man
but first, I was naught
before I grew my mane

We fought,
Within our hearts
Threatening to burst open
every crimson vessel,
Spilled blood, from every vital organ,

These bones of mine
She crushed!
This soul, birth for heavens open fields
She caged!

Daring me to uproot a single memory,
Around my Spirit
Her locks she wrapped
Upon my desires
Her kisses she planted

Yes, she’s a woman.



Make up of innocence you wear
Your body, cover in cocktail.
For Your cuteness,waved eyes,beware of
Eyes with sweet words of love and care
You wear a crown of kinky hair
Chew less of those words,avoid veil
sit on them,but use like wheelchair
Cuddle,Love and kiss them with prayers
Cause your beauty is still young
It is yet to flirt with maturity
Yes maturity will call in different voices
Be wise and Answer carefully
Like you’re about to cast a vote
Look at it in the eye with no fear
When it comes with swollen chest
Wide thighs and curvy boot
Those are his footprints that tell.
How old is the woman in you?
Embrace the change,unlike others
This will take you to another stage.



Today this pen must hark my voice
With its ink extremely threatened
By the frown put up by my smiles
To write of not just your curves
But also the fine lines I wrinkled
Through the crooked heart you once made whole
For all you know is give
And not the gift to take
stretched your all for mine to keep
So If love could be grace tongues
To speak just a name who would it call?
The fickle words accustomed by men
Deeds know not its root
Or a she from whose fertile womb
These trees planted their feet and begot forest?
Pick the former with disregard
Of the feeble minds she made kings
Or the latter with lips watery with regards
To a she that made us all.



What manner of creature
Superceding in greatness
What work of creation
Exceeding in wisdom
Strength disguised in frailty

Yet her eyes mirror her soul
A reflection of kindness
The sweetest being
Goodness resides down in her spine
Beauty claps back in her palms
Her sultry back a ladder for all

Whose humanity has been tasted and tried
Through fears and tears
She cares for children she did not birth
Those old enough to stand on their feet
Whose beards are long enough to sweep the floor
Tender soft hands on muscled frames
Her womb a gate for men to pass
She has fought and lost
Nutured to finally bloom

Yes! i am a woman
Born to lead
Lead to win
Win to conquer
Conquer the world



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