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Two wrongs can often force a fight
Some never apologize
When pride wears that extra size
Still please, leave that safety on.

You gave before and gave again
You gave until nothing remained
Some suck until your tube is drained
Please still, leave that safety on.

The battle ground is where we start
It’s grave-
A place where we depart
But if you want a life to save
Still please, leave that safety on

But If you’ve done the best you could
And kindness doesn’t feel so good
Her voice
An unaccepted choice
Please use, the safety is off.



I’m switching back to the human mode,
I’ll be good, bad, a sinner and righteous.
My back won’t be the holder of knives,
whether the blade fits my flesh
I’m about clipping my sins with safety pins

I’m putting up the cloak that has err buttons,
with shoes to move on, from the past I passed.
I won’t be Manolo, not a sound of molo
will bring my dead conscience wake.
I’m crippling my sins with safety pins.

I am two threads
a fabric to be fixed.
I am a hole too imperfect to hold
what is fore’ my need?
I need the safety pins.

Knit me, I am a beautiful wool
Clothe life with my unending threading words.
My switch has found its turn on
in the history in front.
Not a safety pin will hold me ransom.



These words
the 2 above
salute the 6 beneath
with shakes and applause in regards-

They told
of battles lost
more won to freedom come
by raised fists who put their guns on

Do same
buckle your belt
emmancipate your thoughts
give peace wings and watch it fly you to

I laugh
finally did,
at men who box droplets
of urge in latex pews, they on



Trying hard just to pull her
But her beauty only I view from afar
Her shiny dark skin smiling at my urge
All I ever wanted was just a pull

To know how soft or tough
Her words sound to the flesh
Her lips never met
Always with an open mouth

But never said a word
Without a pull from a guy like me
Loud sound, she comes after a pull
So all I ever wanted was just a pull

The day has finally come
I will pull her till thy kingdom come
But the more I try,the less she screams.
A voice whispered, she got her safety on.


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