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Home of nature
Kingdom of every creature
Wild and tame alike
Root of trees and flowers- lilies,i like
From planets womb conceived mankind.
Kings of kingdoms of every kind
She gave them, sun and rain.
Seas and fields, peace and solace their gain
They were never quiet,but singing her praise
Mother Earth in the fullness of her grace.



She, with the gene of God
In her veins and roots.
From her womb evolves
The entirety of nature,
Everything; sand, green, and blood.
My mother!
I call her with a sweet song
Sang upon the rhythm
Of my soulful heartbeat.
Mama! Mama! Mama!



In this garden of words and intricate metaphors
I’d often come to be lost in her quiet solitude
Relishing the therapeutic ambiance of Mother Earth
Feeding my thoughts the questions that ask the reasons for which I met her for.
Mother has always admonished that I know my root
To her that is where the flames of my poetry lies
Hence; I hike her mountain tops, walk her hidden paths, and drink of her running brook.
The earth has it all-that which you seek, if only you know where to look.



Mother earth.
For all that you grow and bury,
Grateful is this heart of mine.
Yesterday you had something to give,
Today a little more ,
And for tomorrow I am consoled .
You loved when no one was willing to love.
You still give,even in the midst of violent hate.
I am hoping your inhabitants save you the pain
So that a little of you for my offspring will remain.



Third child of the Universe,
Mother Earth came forth.
Hospitable,loving she breathes life in man, plants and land.
I celebrate her strength,
Beauty and poise.
In her belly I lie, awaiting My rebirth back to her dust.



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