Poetry: Are You Ready For Me? | Oluwadamilola Agboola

are you

Are you ready for me?
Ponder your words carefully
Before you roll them out like red carpets
I may not be properly dressed
To walk on them yet
Do you think I can be your girl?
Sometimes a 10-year-old
When I want my dress to twirl
And you need me to appear bold
Can you handle my fears
Sometimes, they will include loving you
I will hide them behind invisible tears
And stare blankly at you
I’m not easy to love
If you are looking to love a woman
Because sometimes, I’m only human
Sweatpants, T-shirts and sneakers
Other times, I just want my slippers
How long?
Till you see me through the eyes of others
How far?
Till your feet tires to dance together
Are you ready for me?
Are you ready to be my partner
Get in the dirt with me and play hard
Sit in the mess with me when we fall out
Will your grip stay firm
When my temper goes the 9 yards
Will you love my soul whole
Or bore a hole in the heart you stole
For how long will you be mine?
Two years? Four years? Maybe nine?
Ponder these few pointers
That I may not be wife material
But one woman who’s still a toddler
In a garden of beautiful flowers
Jumping like pollen grains
I am like a butterfly in the day
A firefly in the dark
Going through life, leaving a remark
Carved my own way
To show up and be sane
Away from societal craze
Are you ready to live in this maze?



© Oluwadamilola Agboola


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