Poetry: A TALE OF TWO KINGS | Adeoye Adetoba

Behind the barb wired fences where dreams are caged,
In clustered tents, a cesspool of congregating hopes,
Awaiting another house of canvass of sheltering refuge,
To trade dreams in place of life endangered and hunted,
Lies the pride of the sun, its glory and its fleeing multitude
Cocooned in the darkness of time to rot and decay in safe havens.

Feet swollen and heavy; covered with mournful dusts
Gathered from the long gruesome trek from home
Recount the desolation of a nation reduced to rubble and ashes.
Home long gone and lost in the burning flames of greed,
Home no more but sheltering canvasses of stifled dreams
Sprouting in the desolated wilds with encompassing sympathy
That embraces and shields from the lunacy of death
Ravaging the sacredness of home in utter blind rage and profanity.

© Adeoye Adetoba


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