Poetry: These Are More Than Numbers! | Rachel Charles


One is a battle I’ve won
Two seems like a rise and fall. I got no clue
Three times I’d cleave to the altar and flee
Four of those times I’d run before i’d count my score
Five hundred times a righteous call let me thrive
Six threatening bells won’t make me sick with pains that inflict

Seven Hallelujahs from the lips of a lukewarm, sounds uneven
Eight angels couldn’t express this hate
Nine Elders wished I were the vine
Ten eras, the cloak fell off holy men
Eleven sacrifices, the world sliced the bread even
Twelve books read either Hot or Cold on the wooden Shelve.

Thirteen goals were set.Part of these wasn’t a genuine keen
Fourteen traits, I didn’t feel a godly gene
Twenty-one bottles had lukewarm feels. I wasn’t done
Thirty-two guests to witness my fall came out of the blue
Thirty-three girls serenaded my hurt, this was a huge fee
Thirty-four tables were set to test my patience, if I had more

Thirty-five times I failed, hot or cold a warm dive
Thirty-six broken scrolls, I had to fix
Forty-seven days I wailed in sweet tales, I was unforgiving.
Forty-eight strokes of cane for warm waters, they did great
Fifty was a splendid age until suitors parked in their Bentley
Fifty-one,my eyes dimmed at the rays of the sun

Fifty-two bags had a label for ewe
Fifty-three trees covered her secrets as her plea
Sixty-four ropes tied her filth the more
Sixty-five wishes I found in my archive
One is to be a hot nun
Two says I should always coo

Three daily prayers to him will please me
Four praises day and night, heavenly blessings pour
Five songs from the heart in upward drive
Six souls to be bought, build the bricks
Seven fruits will produce another sultry voice in heaven
Eight Scriptures to be recited on sacred plate

Nine lives should know you love Godly wine
Ten places to preach, so they feel your swiftly pen.


©  Rachel Charles (2017)


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