Without strings like a cordless phone
Two minds attach
Exchanging mysteries known and unknown
Commanding signals that match

Not a pin, thread nor skin sticks from my bone
You are me before and after birth
My scent, ache and thrill you pick, as if they were your own
Our familiar ground is another earth.

How can readers read without a text?
Here we speak leaving out the words
Only these motions decide what comes next
When mind’s intuitions flap like wings of birds.

With two hearts in one form
The beatings climb walls and bring distance near
Words are okay but kisses are warm
Send the kisses and not the words, my dear



Between us
Is a party that won’t be televised
As our minds thrust
Technology, we compromise

This party features a stunning me
In your heart, I sense who I want to be
In my eyes you attest to finding peace
Our souls put each other at ease

With you my heart beats as yours
I feel mine somewhere distant but close
If my emotions were tucked in a purse
You still would read me like a prose

Featuring you and I
Exchanging energy
You reach me and I you, however high



This aura I feel
Leads me anew
How you say words that cause skin to peel
From the heavenly view

I got the signal
I’ve written it down
To avoid being carnal
I wore an abstract crown

So when men see me clean
They know I’m taken
By whom have not seen
I plead, accept my token

Mornings aren’t done in a twist
Deeply, we word the marital list
My hero, get a pen and draw
The thoughts before my eyes, while I wait in awe. – Rachel Charles


They came to me
While you slept
It was mean
I took the bet

I arched my back
They rode forwards
Forth and back
I strung both words

Yours and mine
Found a love-mine
I know I erred
I’m in your head

You like it too
This silent vibe
We are one in two
No secrets to hide- Prudence.


I thought
She smiled.
I fought
And wild.

She must
Be mine.
I’ll dust

No hill.
No mount.
I will

To give
My mind
And live
Her mind. Seun


Myriad rooms of silence
sailing through pages hands can’t touch
the message of ancient patience
sitting in a room with no couch.

Existing after creation
it happened to pick on just the heart
a flooding and interrupting emotion
which dances to split worlds apart.

Reality couldn’t even touch it
or understand how the message works.
The internet tried hard to fit
but its spoons are different from the forks

Hail you oh bright Watson
King of the tele, the right son.
You’ve touched the world with an intervention
but still telepathy is more than the invention.



He looked at me with a knowing smile
And knew each word my heart whispered
The distance that stood between a nile
Round marks where invisible bands tethered

Wireless chords powered by love
Emotions build super stories
Secret wishes desire wove
Still voices render oratories

Through neural wave messages spread
The hurdle a dicerning gave
Every signal received and read
Shock descending in a spiral wave

No wizardry, no phoney acts
Most secured line left unbugged
Curious shadows dread the facts
Melo drama, live, unplugged.


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