If i were to fall in love
I’ll beg to fall while on water
To never see the torrents end
I’ll hate to stay afloat
Because deep is how you dig.
…[T]o end up with a best friend
To not try to comprehend
Why these butterflies feel like giant birds
Why my heart becomes a ladder
The way my feelings climb
My feet would grow bigger
From walking into your thoughts.
I’ll spell love backwards until we evolve
I’ll love love to prick me like a baby cactus
I’ll love love to make me sin, pin, skin peace within me
Where love is church served as feasts and fellowships
I’ll tell a lie to see you
Make my thoughts climb fences
To throw stones at your passion’s window
I’ll let my heart beat fast
Cos upbeat is the tempo of love
I’ll never tire to write you letters
Because reading is how you travel to many places in one space
I’ll become your library;
Let you read my palms
Before you read my lips.
Let you find from the catalog on my navel, novels on how to
Tend this vegetation without losing strands
I’ll love to dream if reality is you
And yes,there will be many seemingly sweeter than true
But my tongue will be used to the taste of you
I’ll try not to comprehend
Why these butterflies feel like giant birds
Why my heart becomes a ladder
The way my feelings climb
I’ll beg to never see these torrents end.Leon
They walk in beauty. They are night. Ceaseless in clime or time they chime.
And to their ringing my heart sings, “I’m coming. I’m running I’m all yours. All of me. Beauty, warts and scars. The glories, pains, all work of art. So sacred in its come around. Nought but Divine upon its start.
That Ray that burst upon my gloom saying child come here I’ll hear from you. The Ruby that pierced my heart true and said love still has life for you. E Dolphin swimming sleek and sweet. Teaching that I should some wide shoulder be and Lo and Lee that sweet swan song that says son see here faith is strong. Then some young man with random swing swung true and made Giant Lone rue and fumble till he missed his cue And fell into the Netherlands to receive his due. Silvie  taught me silver lining are on the darkest clouds. Someone so near has been coy but she will come around. One two three and running up then finding fun with Fiftey who shared some tales that made me come and sent my heart to hum. I hummed so long and loud and sweet I needed engineering. So God sent him to jig my rig  and tweak the song i sing. Divinity strolled in one day upon summer’s breeze and stole my heart away. She said for this you better live or you had rather die.
Beauty like the Afters sun captured in sweet sones and cones. Jamila! Doesn’t that word sound like ice cream on the lips. Tee, the brother I only just knew. A boon to scar the earth. Mala, the builder. See the bridge between your heart and mine. Pruddy, the sight I longed to see. With words so evergreen. Vy I wait a word from thee. Your words fall like the rain. Bang to the one just like the swan you don’t fit the ducklings. I’ve seen you fly. Oh glorious sight. You are heaven’s gift indeed.
Then there’s Bodalynn delight that rearranges life. A flower here. A sagebrush there. A tool, so true, my heart. Seun
I wear no make up.
No I’m not broke.
I believe your eyes tell you I’m not ugly and if your heart is worthy you’d see just about how beyond beautiful I happen to be.
Yes, I love me a fine hunky man with an amazing personality to go.
I am a fertile garden waiting upon planted rich seeds to grow.
I am like a cherry on an iced velvet cake and on a nice day which is everyday I am Infact the entire red velvet cake.
I think to myself, if mary Kay cannot fix the way my mood sometimes sway then to what end should I seek a pretty face or a contrary way as opposed to the fact my heart may be  in dismay.
If my eyes, the windows to my soul have to wear a mascara to earn a glance from a supposed mate to my soul, haven’t I my soul sold to the wrong soul who might have been misled by a false glow then realizing from my tears as they flow and wash away the enhancement from my Infact short lashes that we are nothing close to being soulmates.
Would I still be deserving of the glow inside your eyes when we are alone under dimmed lights and I undress myself, something like switching roles from Cinderella to Mulan way before she got made up and handed an umbrella?
Will your heart still race slowly after my lips when I say words like watin be dis, the opposite of my smooth soft spoken hi my name is rit?!
I doubt it very much that a lot more than a bunch of meaning seeking men would see beyond foundation blends and embrace hearts, golden hearts or another man, woman or a child regardless of their mom or dad’s bank accounts. Because rich or poor is determined by a property on Wall Street? Not at all. Beauty and wealth reside inside our souls.
Stary wide eyed
Armed with naivety
They told me to exchange innocence for initiation and charm
I scorn at how shallow their minds stoop, snaring at their noisy ways
They don’t perceive how i traced back myself to a space where the tone of my voice is bliss, where my body is in tune with my soul
They don’t see how i stare behind my eyes relishing my essence
Loving every impurity
Yearning for a rainbowed purity
Charmed by the flowering woman i am
Love seem true when i love the hard woman i am, hugging myself tightly
Kissing and longing for my presence
They’ll keep their charms and tricks
I’ll cast my magic and spells often…
Let me pretend like i’m not aware of the troubled waters
Let me sit on this sand reflecting on my identity confusion.
This year has been a whole lot of tension.
I won’t serenade it with sweet tales telling you I didn’t fail
Neither would I say I didn’t fall in and out love, love within and without now am in love I got the love in the house.
Excuse my pun, understand the bullet am passing on,
Let it pierce the perfect man who made no mistake.
Let me pretend i’m not aware of troubled waters.
This time I gave into an addition that multiplied my addiction, I paid for the ad diction just to learn how to advertise fake truth
Speak wounds from the lovers corner
Gave into the kisses of an enemy
Carried a Boulder that got my shoulder feeble, the hurt I convey weighed too much it could buy 99 tiles. – Rachel Charles
I’m Paulyn but taken better off with Hypermind.
And he’s like sarcastically ” a little Hypermind,  how does that work “
I say,  ‘I know I am chubby and a little bit not so obvious,  but I got the real juice ‘
Sexually thinking,  he says ‘how about he gets a taste of this juice’
 Then I go like…
I scribble words like I scramble eggs on a heated pan.
My similes are past ‘as’ and ‘like’.
A soft heart with a hard will.
Metaphorically speaking my thoughts are cynical.
Even though it’s obnoxious it’s dope.
Laying down words like a mother goose putting her little ones to sleep .
My personality is brutally killing and I speak honesty like primary rhymes.
The earth is perfect yet humans are jaded.
Emotions are trailed off and walked on
And hurt is given a reason for celebration.
Could say,  half of humans know their selves not.
But see containment as over achieving.
I write poems not because i can rhyme reason with season
Or something with nothing
Or pitch and peach
Rich and reach
Look and Luke
As I like it this pun isn’t really intended
Yet in hearts of all,  there’s a prefix to a suffix
A ying to a yang
A negative to a positive.
A more to a less
A treble to a bass clef.
A king for a queen
Then,  there’s the maker.
The whole of creation
Painting all without crayons.
Perfect likeness of Him.
A father,  a friend,  a master which has been a servant and the ultimate.
The reason why babies are born,  and their smile brightens up the earth.
The reason why we sometimes fall like winter seasons.
Or when we stay up high and shine bright like its summer.
The reason why, circles become smaller with time.
And family will be important
And why there’s always a Prince Charming for every little princess.
 “Okay I know that’s pretty lame but
Fairy tales are not all full of tails
And some are factual truth,  that everything falls in place like the “doh reh mih ” solo.
 He then cuts me short saying
“these are pretty much small talks”.
Then I say to him
“if you don’t see beneath and through the small ones, how can you get to know what the big ones are saying? “
Am just a floating,  wandering deep thoughts,  covered round with shallow minds.
Am still your girl.  Hypermind
This is me-
The good, the bad, and the not so pleasant.
This is real-
A smile no plastic stitch can heal.
This is me-
I say i will, but i never will.
Don’t  be quick
To judge my ills and spell my wrongs.
This is the deal-
Imperfection rules this stead.
Love is swift-
It maimed my heart.
Forget scores-
Don’t keep up, you  can’t count my goals.
Time is slow-
I recount the pains in every blow.
What you know
Was right behind my back, not from my point of view.
Left leads right
Only if you  know where to match.
Touch this pulse
And feel the fear behind the cage.
Close this stage
My pen is ready to write a new page.
Sing songs
The words will mend your soul.
Hold thoughts
That voices should learn to scream.
This is deep
Not well enough to leak a spring.
All will end
Hit refresh to reload a new phase.
They said i was an outcast
No chief with a red cap
I felt more at home out than in.
Peace was made before this piece
Absolution became a fantasy
Certainly not for certainty
Climbed the roof, beheld the city
I could not see my own abode
Alas! I stood on top of it
I laughed aloud, a senseless joke.
Where is the place of Calenders?
When my head holds all the dates
Doctor said no sugar, but am in love with dates
Some chore don’t need a date to be done
Everyday thing becomes routine.
I miss some things
A memory flash
I miss some people
I cannot call
I’ve  lost my way and found it back
I’ve been through lack
And fed on faith.
Sometimes life is not so bad.
Terrible news on every side
Am glad i was the middle ground.


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