Wrong Turns!


When in manhood seeds appear
Paths of flesh appear
You’ll come to the presence of cupid
Don’t enslave yourself stupid
Take no turn to a lewd woman
Planting your seeds in hades
They’ll sprout an evil
Then curse you
For trailing your lineage
Down untrue doom
This piece I write
This journey I sight
In the midst of Sexy noise
And beautiful mourns.
I stood Afar from intersection point
Left had mountains.
I heard no one made it through.
So I gazed at Right avenue
It looked easy, walked into Sinking sand.
Soiled my pretty art in lazy town. – Rachel Charles
Moving forward in reverse look ups
Zoned in stubs.
Sexual goodbye.
In a race with a tie.
Right this right wrong is right right?
Fill up this jar for the night.
Spark up and be the light.
Not sure if I am on the path.
This is the life I am now a part.
But we still exist in this instance. Hypermind
Left or right
Destination’s in sight
Left! My mind said
On my first stride, death birds fled
It’s the least treaded side
Deeper in through a dark night
Ahead I saw a light
With reckless delight
I took faster strides
Behold! I was told, my turn was, right!

I smiled and took it anyway
That evil road spiked with delay
Ended in a starless sky
All around darkness calls
Lost reigns galloping in yesterday
Wrong love, wrong friends
A rite of evil persistence
My mind in sync with the resistance
Amidst the black chaos a tunnel
That told me it was the right channel.
Oh snooze! Wakeup! It’s quarter past 6!
The storm showed up so the roof needs a fix
Feelings will lie down like tracks for a train
If this poem concedes to wedding to pain.
So let’s look a happy chapter
Fill pages of wreck with plaster
Read about nights and the mornings after.
Love inside the many jars of laughter-
How mistakes make us feel fat faster
But two wrongs repeat the right song after. Leon
Hopes are down, up and down again
Feet, dragged, halt! dragged again
Could I, at a chance, turn?
Turn, anti-clockwise these claws of fate?
My body, hollow, low, forgotten
Mind, talking, yet, ignored
As deceitful heads force
Force unwilling thighs to journey beyond…
Into the wild, wild unknown
Clearly, other feet have been here too.
Did you tap the path, as to your choice,
while it’s still day at the river’s source?
This road holds no familiar face
I don’t think my pace is for this phase.
If roots chose the path in the ground
we’d all grow less with a mourning frown.
So choose wisely before you mount
your pole of victory will bring you eyes.
I am the big road you call yellow
At evenings I’m red, at night I’m black. -Ruddapoet
From a distant everything seemed bright
With joy I leaped, journeying into light

Chasing a dream dreamed in sleep by day
Its hard not to stray
An adventure with a broken compass
Maneuver the pathless overgrown grass

The light still in sight
Zeal still fresh no thoughts of fright
After a few right-ish turns
All becomes coal-ish and burns. Tee2emm
Where did I miss take my way?
Where did I receive the night in trade for day?

The roads were plain before me
My path I could see clearly
But in reckless burst of freedom
I lost my source, my home I come from

But come rejoice with me.
Come join me sing.
See it in my eyes, my smile, I’ve been found
Yes, what was lost is found. -Seun


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