Journey into the Unknown!


Where am I going?
Where’ll I be when I get where I’m going?

Follow the trends everyday.
Without thought I purchase what they say.
I join the mob and scream out let’s kill him.
No sight into my ends and my ending

Each slow digress from a human heart
A curse upon what Is human art
And slowly, I lose it
Slowly, I become what I’m killing. -Seun
Is a step back and forth enough.
Choose and pick the road is rough.
‘Unforsaken’ ‘unbothered’ road is tough .
Seeing the fire and danger not
Backing the east heading north.
Left in sacs are half eaten almond nuts.
Is anyone coming for me.
I am on a journey for three.
But can you finish it up
Meet me like the wise one gone south. Hypermind
I fret over the known
But more terrified of the unknown
Life is a mysterious journey
Into the deep, a sea of unsure
A barefeet longing for cool soles
This is a harp from happy lips
Wrapped in a dream of unsavoury lids
Virtual blindfolds in daylight
Today i join the pack of riders
Heading for the milky universe.
Hey! Hey! Ho! Follow the leader!
Ho! Ho! Hey! And the highest bidder!
It is again that time of the year!
our sails are set, a voyage beckons!
We must again discard our fear!
Our doubts in tow, all that is dear!
Like rabbits we go, our prayers are done!
We must not slip! We must rise to the task!
Hey! Hey! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Hey!
When muddy waters taste like spring-
The journey finds a new song to sing!
The hearts that freeze have met with sea
Knees become weary when they crawl to dream
The ripe fruit is the talk of the tree
The day first brightens before the dim.
Hand in the pocket is one of your own
A handout is a map to unknown
One is the promise that two couldn’t keep
A friendly road doesn’t call for a trip.-Leon
This road with way too many bends
There is no guessing how it all ends

Yet care-freely we throttle
Into the jaws of blindness we whistle
Casually with no cares nor worries
Foot steps competing into uncertainties

Treasures we seek are behind the skyline
But the road is smooth with many a tine
Thus shilly-shally we dawdle down
Buttocks that aches for thrones must fight for crown. Tee2emm
Prepare you soul, the journey has begun
Prepare your ears, the bells will be rung.
There may be light when you close your eyes,
embrace the coldness that comes with the heat
for there’s welcome in the blue skies,
it will play with your past, flow with it.
There’s no before, just had I known
just as you knew this path is the unknown.
Promise me you’ll sing songs of me you knew,
while I fade in your memory like hue. – Ruddapoet
On my way to greatness.
Great Is thy feet that witness
Rough and smooth journeys
Failure won’t keep our backs to the ground
The ground would we stomp
As soldiers chanting.
Our weapons whipped the ink
Red ink that Signalled battle
The grass witnessed this day
The grass gave us a play. – Rachel Charles


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