Count one to ten and be so bold Tactics of awaking the old
So life is beautiful again
But a second held back is gain
Lemme hold you back , my soul’s old

Holding it back is just untold
But uncover me and unfold
Let me be seen as being Black
Hoping I can take my line back
Bold, old soul hold unfold be told. Hypermind
Fingers crossed, counting to ten
Was i thinking a while back then?
Checked my pulse with knotted knees
Won’t go back for a thousand fees
Bathroom calls are now a scare

Two weeks gone no canada’s flag
The visitor has lost it’s map
Tiss tass, tiss tass, waiting!
Delay is a nightmare seething
Rubbers did not rob this deed.-Vera
The sun did shine, was morning close?
It came to drag me off my dose.
My body sees you, not my eyes
Don’t even try, don’t break this ice.
I will lay here and sober up.

My dreams are caught up in traffic
so did the rain and also wind.
Somebody says it’s not delay
I hear it well, global warming.
Well, I’m here just waiting for you.– Ruddapoet
The day before the promise,
The universe had agreed
That January’s journey is
How December is to be freed
Longer, slower, never in speed

A finger pulls the trigger
Depression massages a clutch
The melody guides the singer
The homily deprives the church
Then the pause within every lie.-Leon
The sun is long due to rise
But the clouds are proud today
Bent on having its say
Blinding the same route the sun plies
When will’s without way, will may wane

One coat and layer at a time
The sun patiently fried
Paddling away from the rough clime
Slowly the adamant clouds wryed
Darkened clouds can delay dawn. Tee2emm

Dry and Dirty
Turning white to red
Soft to hard Bread
Black to gray hair on each head

Sun shinning
Breeze blowing
Lips and clothes drying
August is near
But the rain isn’t still here.-Bangwan.
This Bed I lay
So hard, to avoid
Plans from mouths play
Who don’t see what you see
But see what they see

It has landed me
A bag of delay
Folding arms to let them be
I laugh
I suffer and obey– Rachel Charles


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