When Forgiveness Fails!


This is not goodbye, my dear.
This is way beyond farewell.
That bridge’s been burnt for many a year
This is Chance’s sliver that lets you see me well.

For years, I took the other path.
Thought time would help you grow.
I was the man in this, let your feet cut wide swath.
The pains and hurts dropped at my feet I did not let you know.

I thought love’s voice was loud enough to say the word.
I thought the red stained eye you saw would tell the story short.
If I forgave I did it wrong
I hid the wrongs under the rug.

Now I see you and feel hurt and bruised.
The wide acceptance of my embrace, you have sore abused. -Seun
A day of suppressed intersected emotion.
Flashed flashes of in flashed depression.
Anxiety attack, sneak peek of exhaustion.
Live a day longer in total smile of anxiety.
Grabbed greener it gets holding on.
Hoping it doesn’t batter into prepared pan on fire.
If it fails, we’d be back to the beginning.
In the garden still naked, baking fruits
And deciding which debuted in the Mind is truth
Give me a line of poetry you don’t have.
Because when it fails we are failed and lies get carved.
Unfeeling the ache to feed the soul’s soul.
Spirit starved and feed with a silent cry of an owl.
What will my last line be when I have failed to be forgiveness. Hypermind
When forgiveness fails, please find Christ
Tell him you’re hue man with a color.
He’s got grace, make him a donor
Don’t be rude, it’s part of the heist.

When forgiveness fails, make a tryst
with your conscience, make an honor
Don’t let the devil find his humour
Don’t be a poet or a theist.

Guns do exist, please don’t find them
so do clubs the ones in our mind.
Don’t let them sew, let it not hem.

When forgiveness fails, just be kind
don’t ever curse like that of Shem.
The bible is close, you too shall find. – Ruddapoet
My restitution came with my toes shaking
I know have crossed the bar
I know I took the blessing
See let me tell you in pages
why we made out in the car
At first, his voice resonated to my tune
My keys he turned I wish he knew
Made the first move,on bended knees wages
Agreed to the lustful plea

By noon, Adam saw Eve
I know he loves you still
I couldn’t say no to this fee
Am sorry, I gave birth to the second guilt
Deliver me from him, I still coo. – Rachel Charles
When forgiveness begins to fail
Her ship sinks at harbor to sail
Her feet welcomes a path narrow
Ego too large to feign swallow

Conscience quits and sits on a nail
Blindness too dark to feel her brail
Words are Gasoline’s Molotov
Gesture an unequaled resolve

When forgiveness begets a name
So wild it needs a leash to tame
Knees are forced to fall to the ground

The smell of defeat is the same
As kindness puts out every flame
Forgiveness lost hems hatred’s gown.Leon


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    January 10, 2017 at 11:47 am

    Back in school, I’m doing so much leiagrnn.


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