T-H-E U-N-D-E-R-D-O-G!


She knew the fight ends easily.
He was gigantic; she, puny.
For rains of fist falls, she got two.
That rocked her deep within her shoe
She was no match for violence.

Like the leaf on prevailing wind,
She left the fight to those who win,
Then soon the phoenix rose within.
She buttered him. She cuddled him.
And soon he worshiped at her feet. -Seun
Bent to standard of measurement
The tall societal ladder
Rated as ones for the basement
Reaping pride off our shoulder
What is the worth of an ant

Fractured hearts and dented egos
What would pregnant tomorrows bear?
Reptiles or ripened fruits, who knows?
Ladders break exposing nursed fear
Making bottom the highest point. Tee2emm
All he had was a few poems
and on this street, only rap wins.
he knew that and still came along
pouring his white sheet on her face
he felt weak after the event.

Then she took in his only rap,
After nine months she birthed books.
Remember they met on the street
so they knew his heart belonged there,
but that still didn’t make him win. – Ruddapoet
Pretty let it go away for
Every under fog is your
Great Depression sines cosine
Say a word to describe a sign
For today is a day for four

The underdog, a drop of life
Saving grace and mercy is live
Life a day less and draw a leaf
Bark of a rooted branching tree
Count your numbers in one two three. Hypermind


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