This house has become too quiet again
Noiseless like the night slowly passing by
Shushing the Aardvark, the Cats and Aye-aye
Perfect image a mirror should contain.

This emptiness wears a similar scent;
Strange! The smell,strong. The song, wrong.
Like open doors our hearts are apart, flung-
The slates soiled by her weak stubborn dent

Now colors are scary signs and symbols
Sorting shades perfect enough for hiding
One is an open heart with a locked window-

The other climbs a fence and faces pitfalls.
The land left us no place for safe landing
The sky left unannounced and went with its rainbow. – Leon
You have not entered the dusty old room,
and that is why you feel there are cobwebs,
and no soundtrack, so all you feel are ebbs.
This feline dreams now illustrates your doom.

The empty has always been my wife,
she makes some strange soups with notes of music
some think I’m weird and judge me to the quick.
I am a perfect reflection of life.

There are fragments of signs and Symbols drawn
it’s not in hiding so far there’s the sun.
I have opened my heart and words now fall.

In between there’s a rainbow and a lawn
Don’t use the ink to trigger the old gun
for this is the last page you can now call. – Rudolph Ruddapoet
Sunset we hail thee
courageous envoy of dawn
come open our eyes to see
beyond our garden lawn

Sunset hear my prayer
Calm tumults of quaking hearts
no matter how fierce the roaring fire
reverse curses! Resist fiery darts!

Atiyayeh, to me you call
from the borderline
of desire, the Northeastern wall!
At sunset come lets dine

Let’s entwine on fine drapes
after grapes and Silvery tapes.
Sunrise sunrise
Quicken your feet
Dance with this pale heart abeat
The day is for sell at a fair price

Grow old grow old
Make a child of the aged
Unleash emotions once caged
That dreary day fables shall be told

Sunset, tired traveller at rest
Let her dried lips kiss a bowl of water
The snail that ran the race of a cheater
Feeding the earth with its lone breast

The sun sets and dawdles till sunset
Leaving the sky empty when it’s fullest. Tee2emm
This space has lost it clarity,
By sluggishly embracing the cloud,
As it shook hands with stillness,
Killing the dreams of a kitten to grow.

This smells empty
And that sounds strange.
Unyoking the front part of my chest.
I am the opposite of what you see

With signs and symbols you see the real me.
Its not hidden cause it’s painted in bright colours.
This heart of mine is free though slippery,
From here i feel but can’t see the Danger
For this safety has lost it sight
As the sun traveled with its torch.-Bang1.
Like a rose that comes alive every spring
Beauty is all your presence brings
Your eyes held me by my heart strings
And played sweet music like a bird sings

A mile away from physical reach
Then it seemed there’d being a breach
My heart fought, my soul beseech
The deed is done, we can save the speech

Before the sun sets
The sun must rise
For the sun to rise
It has to set!

A new beginning sunset can bring
More beauty than there is at spring

I used to be too young for old to near
Admired by those age has betrayed their fist
Shunned by wrinkled sores. Here bent backs don’t exist
But a tunnel full of youths marrow to gear

I used to be too young now old is come
Sunrise on my skin’s lips taste vinegar
I hate this taste, sail me back spinnaker
To distant shores where sunset is dumb

I used to be old now older me waved
Smiles that frown souls to remind of time past
Now my limbs quake at sigth of the sun’s dawn

I used to be old now death has knocked
On doors that locked my youth calling for keys
Please awake my soul to flee this path crave – Bamvi
She sauntered past my vision, a beautiful sprite,
Her smile a source of joy to all
As were her heart and sight
She brought sweetness to her heel
And grace adorned her footfall
Everywhere she stepped she left a fragrance you can feel
She was not quite the queen
But all she did was queenly
Her words her deeds her everything left us a royal sheen
Time and space have not been kind
Or peaceful, sweet and jolly
But everywhere she’s walked beauties footprints she’s left behind.
Commending her to heaven we open up our hands
And loose the curtains from its bands with our unsteady hands. -Seun
Like a rose flower
I sucked its essense
An early morning shower
Tender lips could sense

At the taste of light
My heart warmed with glow
Unchained from the night
Its fiery nest a show

Unclogging foggy clouds
With happiness rays
Dreams December shrouds
Within a golden mountain it lays

Colours of daring hues
Sipping all the deary dews. – Vera


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