Sprouts of green and lucious stems

On land assumed to had been dead
Amidst stones and rocks, a seed grows
Despite dusk and dawn, a seed sown
Has found its own way to sunlight

Through the cracks in the ground, we see
A tender bud push it’s way through
Though darkness engulfs underground
A seed who has never known light
Takes slow flight, believing sunlight

Against all odds, like the Eagle
Soar! Push through the thickness of doubt
Like the wildflower, stand the drought
The rocks may threaten to choke seeds
Growth is whomsoever sees it

Tender! This is a liquid ground
with walls of focus, strength and might.
Channel your prayer towards hell
as angels seek more heads to mate.

There’s a first born and shallow death
purging the meeting of their birth.
From whence it came, it’s deepest form.
Here we ride and till the white cum . – Rudolph Ruddapoet
Relief me a bit and see how
The earth unfolds in seduction
Taming self and controlling bow
Kings and jokers all in same play.
A face off the sea’s horizon
Vertically explained and sure
If water surfaced life at ease
‘Orientally’ so patterned
Slopping in its activation.
Terrain same phase in the rain
Fall off in as meadow showers. Hypermind
Uncharted lands, broken and sparse,
Wastelands of memories untamed,
Powered charges waiting triggers,
A pock marked field screaming land mines
Like frayed garments begging a hem,
This mindscape demands some reason,
Some plan, some design, rationale,
A cause beyond why it exists. -Seun
He climbed again and broke a branch
The bed of course was greasy white
It turned a forest to a ranch
Uprooting, swallowing the bite

She came at night, her plan to write
Was cut short by the dinner rite
Her love for maths, his love for mats
Produced the path, too bright for bats

I know of war and read of love
The problem was the end result
For one was rocks and one was sand
Terrain i know lived in this hand. – Leon


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