Happy Feet!


The soul becomes bright
When the heart is light
Lets seize the chance
And tango in a heavenly dance

Blissful are the times
Submerged in emotions, we become mimes
Heart beats grow into loud chimes
Random sounds, no definite rhymes

The floor and feet clash
Birth of a beautiful clap
Flare of flames of passion in a wrap
Ruptures and emotional colours splash

Play back that old song
The same track that mends all wrong. Tee2emm
My 14th line seems happy
With a disrupting noise
Silently moving through my 12th line
Dear eleventh flow down
To make my tenth worthy to drown
Move, fall like fine rain
Grow evergreen mistletoe
Seventh like the number
Hoping this feet don’t slip and slumber
An act of desperation
Breath in life
A breathe deeper than life
The second line completes
My ending First line of happy feet. Hypermind
Flap flap flap
Clap clap clap
Tilting to the voices
Of undisciplined choices
This move might turn bitter sweet
The wave might go slow or swift

Flap flap flap
Clap clap clap
Happy dance? When I burn now
I feel am far from bow
I don’t deserve the gown

Cast your pity eyes upon the swine
Drowning deeper
Soliloquizing my dirge. – Rachel Charles
Boundless tingles in my sole
I could walk a thousand miles
And not go weary
I can almost glide like a tooth fairy

Tap tap
Dance dance
Clap clap
Bask in the radiance

Happy feet
Meet my giddy feel
Let the music heed
My jumpy need

Happy toes
In sync with my giddy soul

Step one, step two
Back to the former.
The feet is a feather
Flapping at you.

Hand one, hand two
Leave nights for the creeper
Let day dismiss this sleeper
And dry leaves of the dew

Toes, heels, toes, heels
Consenting feet
The feet covers what the floor peels

This poem knows one happy feet
And anger is what it heals
The rest is forgotten on the street. – Leon
There Kevin dropped his saggy pants
when he heard the Pharell’s jam.
Her booty tickled us off cam.
Music took their feet like his wants

We let them feel like they’re infants
As dance steps wiggle drops from the dam.
The loca and salsa dropped like bam
It looked like a meal, arrrrgg croissant.

Two happy minions and their feet
One is a penguin with faded knees
I am the sole between their split.

I hummed a voice like swarm of bees
buzz my track so happy feet will slit
the ground and you watch with no fees. – Rudolph
One then two, three to four
Step by step I add them up
For goals I strive, sores to butt
Let pain dwell now later to soar

Feet that brings, same that takes
From mud of worms to huts of warm
I’m a muse now, forget the norm
A god to all that hugged the aches

Now my feet are strong but shaky
Quaking to beats of jazz
Flaring its whole like a baby

I love this song, the sound of bass
Let dance lure these feet till they’re eigthy
Call me none, happy has. – Bamvi
This poem understands the street
For the pleasure it wears
And the aches it bears
This poem flaunt it’s feet

For it is still young
Shakes it legs to express it joy
Happier playing with his toy
Laughing,portraying his tongue

Toe and heel
Strong and weak
With this feet i kneel

Toe and heel
Good feeling i seek
Same feeling i feel


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