Weep Not Child!


Straighten up! Even on days that the weight of the world seem to be on your shoulders.

No grief can be heavier than a woman’s crown in the hands of the wrong man.

When hurt threatens to pierce your heart deeper than you realise, pull out as fast as a cowardly man does when he’s about to climax.

Life is too short to let anything steal your joy. Don’t brood too much about the storm because the sun also shines and she wears a smile.

It may be for a reason that we fall severally before we can walk
It may be to ready us for the many falls that awaits in the future
The many potholes that we must beat and fall

A trimmed tree needs forbearance to regenerate
Like a bird flying in the storm needs patience and skill to survive

Its alright to cry to ease a pain
Just ensure you don’t weep
When life seems perfect
There must be an anomaly to correct

Cry in the rain
But smile with the sun
Life is a beautiful flower with a very faint smell
You have to sniff her really close to smell her rare scent.
Every hill is surmountable
But it begins with the decision to make the first step. Tee2emm
Hyper baby
Rest on shoulder
Let me caress these feelings that hurt

Pauline honey
Give less thoughts
To worries or exes
Who ain’t worthy

Speak the trees of Joy
Let the branch feel
The excitement beneath
Wear the garment of coy
To your one and only boobae

Share these with me
I promise to hold
The hot stones fragile
Let me cuddle your riddle

I can fiddle with bubbles
I remember when you wish
Coddling the being of Hebrew

When I visit Ghana
Your blossom will I thread
Cast stones upon animals
That dread.

I promise to give you
A pen and paper,
The best companion
Gathered. – Rachel Charles
Why soak your garri with tears
When it can be frozen
Till the warmer days of joy?
Why wear a garment of gloom
When the sassy transparent gown of happiness
Would pronounce your beautiful soul to the world?
Weep not child
For the scars of the past
Are the stripes that beautify us tomorrow.
Go ask the tiger of its beauty in the passing night.
Weep not child
For there’s pain in growth,
Yet we reach for the skies only by growing.
Wipe out your tears child
For you are a rose
And you will always flourish
In my poetry and prose.

Do you know why tears come out from our eyes? It’s to reduce the excess water the body can’t hold…
…so it could wash the old stare and make our lenses new.
Weep more child!
Some say it’s a relief for grief.
The day your tears stop knocking
Your face faces full drought of loneliness.
Weep more child!
Ever seen a farmland without a need for water?
Or a mirror without a pinch of deceit?
What use are those lashes?
Squeeze that sponge and let the pupil learn.
Weep more child!
Pain can make you heal
Or fling you off a hill
Tomorrow stops when you start thinking of today.
Weep more child!
Let that water drown the hurt and make your promise float you free! – Leon
We all feel the weight when the hailstorm touches the roof of our hearts, as the pillows feel the dryness of tears when it sinks into its heart. Conscience is a glowing bulb that shines our emotions, during the time when life fiddles with our names on its hurdle lane. You have been carefully carried upon its Fiacre, the road is hilly, too soft or seems dusty.

Baby, tender your fears in the arms of the void, let the wind worry how it will blow, don’t worry about emptiness, God exist in there, he sparks up lightening in the thickest cloud gathering. Your pain will house more worry, if your worry has a cushion of tears, if you don’t have to get drunk to get over it, you don’t have to get drunk to have fun. I am my name and I know poetry can ease your pain. – Rudolph
Hypermind, but with a soft heart
Heavy with a lightweight feeling
Bite from this piece of courage
With no water swallow with open eyes
call him problems,and kiss him with judas’ lips
Whisper in his ear the words of wa’thiango in EB’s voice
With those tears on your eyes
Cuddle him with arms of torns
For there’s nothing the eye has seen that makes it cries blood
Cheer up,laugh at his face
Wear that shoe of bravery and flaunt the lace
For in those tears swag hides
Wear it with a jeans jack
And tweak your sorrows for this piece is about to start…


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