Of the sturdy pyramids
Daring the sun with a stare.
Of the Savannah and the deserts
Robed along like contrasting fabrics.
Of the earth so black and rich,
Skin ebony, bronze and brown
Where beauty is born and nurtured.
Of hunger, diseases and lingering deaths
Yet life sprouts like blooming flowers
On a fertile soil.
Of a glorious past, grievous present
And an uncertain future.
Africa that never dies.
Africa our Africa
I heard you came, you heard and you uttered!
Words that conceived death upon life
Upon this wooden mat where sleep forgets to dream.
Our closet of forgotten glory.
Covered in dust because no more heroes passed.
Oh Africa!
Can a thousand mouth still suckle?
Feed these thirsty lips.
Call us the names you gave us!
Let us remember your song;
The one that mothers sang by the bank…
When rivers could still fish.
When vegetation still respected our fathers hands
And your shoulders never bore the weight from abroad.
When tribal mark were good enough make-up
And foundations were only laid for buildings.
Africa of the first earth!
Afri’ of Okavango, Tugela, Ubangi…
The land of color! – Leon
The gates of them shall not prevail
Them who thought independence would be far
From the pockets of slimy Chieves

We fought to see the day we have conquered
Reveling Rebels reviewing
The beauty of colours
No bogus intended

The splash of rainbows
Upon forefathers who made the rain bows
Hunting for life meat
To sit in circles chanting victories
The flames fanned furiously
Didn’t hurt the birds that were chirping chanting victories.

The presence of mountains
Signalled a Natural Zone
Babies bask in its splendor
Ancestors condone- Rachel Charles
Africa the old toddler
Nursed and nursed, you still grew wrong
Like a shoe done by the worst cobbler
Or pig scorpions already stung

Did your blazing sun burn the sown seed?
Sown with hands on backs that defied all odds
Alas it is weevils that have infested the yield

Your bowel holds the cry of the hands that broke your shackles
Their graves flourish green with the blood they bled
The young future they thought they fed
Has been thinned with hands crippled by greed

Do you not see the ills?
How can you be the breath of life and death?
Do you no longer feel?
Must we rise with the sun and die when it sets?

The green and desert
The beautiful and beast
The royal and slave
The mighty and weak
Africa the dying beauty
Eat of your own herbs
Purge your bowels of greed inflicted constipation. Tee2emm
Mother of all race!
Mother of nations!
The proverbial Abraham
Yet a feminine father
Your belly is full of mysteries
Your arms accommodate all
Yes!The earthen coloured are safe
Though your children walk,
Through the shallow graves of
foreign lands,they yearn your presence
You are the goddess of lands
Your beauty so natural
Surpasses their made up faces
I pray you regurgitate their alien ways
You uproot their seeds of Westernisation
Be filled with what gods eat
Be drunk with nature’s seeds
For i’m filled when you are full…-Omolola
The old Africa
the strong black tooth of darkness
music of time stitched with threads of tradition.
The warriors cave that holds courage.
The strong tusk that pierces the soul of the world.
I have hailed and also called you by your name
Oh Africa!
My knees grovel at your bosom
as my eyes seek the flesh in your bones.
You oh black mother bear your cross on my hair
your mark upon my skin
my nostrils holds the bowl of your love.
Our road home is covered with clay
the sun that heats it hits my skin
are we the same or on the same lane? – Rudolph
You have had your fair share
Of the darkness and grey hairs
Of old weak men, crying.
For the child not stolen, lays dying
The hot sun; evidence that the heavens do not care

You have had your fair share
Of sick heads and sickness
Many have died hopeless
For all the emerging medicine for every ill
Not one could save still

You have wept
Tears that will never dry
Making your deserts a wonder
Wonders that will never end
From coast to coast

I’ve heard tales of you
Of how my skin is black
The darkest of all race
Racing in a slow pace
I still can’t see its tracks

Full of nature’s seed
Buried in your loins deep
Riche green heirs
Under the sun’s gaze
We all shall gather for its birth.-Vera
Mama Africa,
Second largest and populous continent,
Colonized after taken as slaves,
Dying before smelling the promise land,
Others killed by the master’s whip,
What was your offense?
Mama Africa,
Still you weep and nurse your pain,
A future you hoped for,
not lived in the least,
Your older children fought to keep your eyes dry,
Your younger children dine letting you cry a river,
Where are the sons of the heroes once lived?

My Africa,
A beauty to behold,
God’s own land,
Nature’s finest,
Well curved women with large buttocks,
Broad chested men,
some with stomach waiting to be delivered,
Blistered palms,
Gary haired,
Incomplete dentition,

Africa of my dreams,
Hope for days of racism long past,
Cultures well lived with pride,
Where your children will honor you,
Dry your tears,
revive your lost glory,
Stop submitting to slavery,
Embrace bravery.-Hijab Gurl
If blood must go to waste,
Then how can aqua cleanse us of eternal death?
Africa! Hearken to my dirge!

For how long must gods mourn?
How much longer must this litany of tears endure
This exodus of seeds that fail to shoot roots?

still this restless earth!
Turn again the Sun!
Belch fire upon hearts of darkness!

let words be penance enough
for this soul grounded into dust!

feed this child!
protect this seed!
Fetch for us eternal mercies now and for evermore!


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