House Of Empty Heads!


I remember a family
They giggle and jabber alot
A cluster of menace they seemed
On and on they went on themselves

I searched their faces for pretense
But a simpleton lives in them
I thought their brain empty of life
It was only empty of bullshit

Pain and hurt played their parts and left
They had a filter in their heads
Where the world and trends were emptied
Hail the practice of empty heads!-Omolola
The table embraced quietness
Motions froze their gazes again
Released in bits as seconds struck
Sweat forced its way through worried skin
Drums pounded sounds from beating hearts
Nerves peeped through the temple’s window
Thoughts and wishes sat on a stool
Memorising losses that paid
So eyes would blink and miss the glimpse.
Then the coin returned in brute force
Resting her slip in Damon’s palm
Feeding the house a tail again. – Leon
Let’s blab and chatter
Swing our glasses up higher
Together in a dead end
Motionless mission
A predicted pair
Being all gooses
Let’s say something meaningless
Would be a brilliant idea
We can’t hit a triple word score
Undesired “unquenched” pain
But in same room
Je me sens invincible. Hypermind
Knock knock
Can I come in?
Can I relate with him?
Did you see him?
How you judge from within.
Deliver me from this pert
That you handed with fake smiles
I surrendered to the strong
Not to the whimp
You took the spoil
You took my gene
Vessels of empty gems. – Rachel Charles
Night or day
None can tell
The pot still bellowing thick smoke
Even silence is funny
Laughter rang like a sick doorbell

Many days had dawned and died
Littered bottles, ash can attest
Where is the need to dream?
Everyday day goes by dreamy
Eat, drink, smoke and its a good day

Four foolish fun-fond friends
Their sunset is easy to predict. Tee2emm
My folded fingers
On the door i dropped
In a hunt for access
Access to loaded heads
Heads full of ideas
For mine i didn’t trust

Anybody home?
Yes in legion voices
With a joyful heart
Today i will mock my worries
For i see multiple heads,but
Empty Drums make the loudest noise.-Bangwan
Empty with confusing thoughts
A twisted burst of reality
Every wake a memory wipe
Act one, scene one, nothing
Empty words, empty voice
Empty calls, no missed thoughts
Just senseless babble
Echoing loud
Gentle whispers, creaky stairs
Dull thud with each step
The melody will never change
Empty, empty it will remain.-Vera

I know your deep ends
the cuts in your strength
the passion in your death
I know the darkness in light
the weakness of your night.

Let us eat with no mouth
swallow your tongues
scratch out your pain
ash the burning desire.

I am the master of the stars
the solicitor of loss.
I am your worst smile. -Rudolph

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