Constantly on my mind like water in a sea
“Flirt” seems to define everything I feel
I look away to conceal the stars in my eyes
Unaware, that reveals that I meant to hide

I drool in my dream
I’m lulled by every ray her womanhood beams
My palms itch from raw cravings
She speak in Psalms thus enslaving my yearnings. Tee2emm
I walked a thousand miles to you.
I gave of me cause I saw you
The taste you leave me sickens me
In chasing you I forgot me

You were a form of beauty
I should have sought your source
You promise a clear cooling spring
I muddy with uncouth feet. -Seun
I too have been wondering.
Dearest Malvina, Is it me?
Is it something outside of me?
An enemy maybe?

I can’t seem to find the line.
Where flesh and soul entwine.
That’s why daily, my lament echoes.
And my supplications are retold.-OracLe.
This poem is lost
In your aesthetics,
i will use google map
For that’s what i desire

Call me a scoundrel
Cause your eyes can’t see the truth.
I will catalyze a way for love to travel
For it has been lust all this while. – Bangwan.
Your suspicions are true
I have fallen into the high sea blue
with these undefined emotions.
They lock me out and own this room.

Oh dear violet heart
I am a shadow split apart
travelling in my tears, crying is a motion
for I am lost and marred to doom. – Rudolph

Covers all scars
In-built attached parts
Delusional desperating cache
Lost in lusting charts

Blinded eyes to hearts truth
Painted mind to what should sooth
Lay up bare
And let’s over with the burning not right emotions. Hypermind

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