From The Outside Looking In!


Let me speak
To the judging judgers and waiting wailers
Let my piece hurt your peace
Looking at the windows
Then calling it a glass
Only if you knew it’s much more than that.
A wealthy place, you opt it’s rituals
Sickening thoughts I seek a mentality shift
To those who can’t even call a spade a spade, rather they rely on a spare and call it space allowing irreverence to access their belief.
Spectators and heavy complainers
Light deceit and joyful plague
How is your murmuring?
Did it make you an inch taller
Or substituted your phone numbers with your bank account.
Outside wailers, indoor hailers
Only the partakers can enjoy the vineyard
But the vine scattereth the yard,
Holy assembly in uniform deformities
Stop judging from outside
If you have not lived within-Rachel Charles
What’s your life about enlighten me,
are you gonna live or die on your feet
straining those weak darn eyes
into the pit of my pink nose.
Are you gonna chew on your lips
or face the wrecked course molded by your left arm?
Here are some of your ideologies;
a new born baby killing a grown man
a hatching egg laying an egg.
You wonder how I talk about God
History, love, death in the same sentence
that’s an analogy for the wise.
You heard it and I guess you read it.
I meant it and so I served it.
I’m not on the outside looking in
I’m not on the inside looking out.
I’m in this center looking around.
Life is a pot full of beans
and I don’t know what it means. – Rudolph
From the outside looking in you can’t understand it
From the inside looking out you can’t explain it
It’s a sinking ship on the sea shore
Inactively supportive just not sure
Just like another shagged black bite
So much phlegmatic reserved anger not feeling right
Another shadow in the light
Am your store, pick up your grocery
But it’s your books ending glossary
From the inside its ying
yet from the outside its a clearer mixture of a diverted yang. Hypermind
From the outside you’ll see a monster
So cowardly with no courage to muster
From the outside a looming darkness
Worn out scowl aligned like a necklace
From the outside you can’t see me dying
Lips reading out finely, even when am lying
From the outside am a freebird
No one sees the iron bars
From the outside looking in
I’m the reason we can’t have kids
From the outside i was normal
Till i was jailed for murder.-Vera
I gaze at my brown eyes
The physical in all its glory
I confess i was made on Sabbath

A prying eye in my conscience,
A mirror seats in my soul
It snarls at the body the world sees

For it lies in doom
Drenched in evil schemes and desires
Outward shine with inward darkness

So my dark soul pleads
I wash away the dirt
As i scrub the physical…daily-Omolola
She seemed nice…
Said kind words twice
She seemed wise
Said words of wisdom when no one knew what to say
She knew what to say
When to say
How to say it
She seemed to be good
We all wanted her
Sad thing she was tied
He was missing for some days
Nobody wanted to search again
Last week the police came bye
She left in cuffs.
We didn’t know what an angel was going away for
See,they said she killed her man.
Truthfully, we thought we knew her..
Only that we were looking from outside in.-Sonia Nwosu

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