Domestic Violence!


Hey batter!
She’s a pink panther
In her face, you clutter
A hard knock after another

Your toxic words
His heart combusts
Go easy on the bloke
Utter words of hope. – Hybrid
This river keeps overflowing
owing rests to the laying bed.
Led to hold the tears of slow pain
Plain act of humans howling.

Hate is a poet with bear hands
Late comes the bride with rubber bands
tied to the confetti of death.
Guide our comfort while we birth. – Rudolph Ruddapoet
Tears pouring like rain,
Walls her blood stain,
Running in circles like a maze,
Belt in hand, his eyes ablaze.

Bent on being a good wife,
She almost lost her life,
He atop her child, blind she feign,
Eyes shut, cursing her gaze.-Hijab Gurl
The hulk jumped out the man
He howled, voom like a van,
Crashing into a flesh wall
His rage was inside this wall

The she wall,
An inflated ball
A rage sits on her bossom
A bloody rage,bright as dawn. – Omolola
This dark art you carry
Fleeting atmosphere
Thorns I forceful marry
Thistles and burning spear

She called you boo Harry
In pain she sweetly bear
Wounds marks scars carry
Pillow talk became soulful fear. Rachel Charles

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