Becoming Young Again!


Can i go back to being little again?
I’ll love to shrink
Reduce this size.

I wish to go back again to begin
To days of crayons, not ink
To loving that came as tears from my eyes.

To days of dancing in the rain
Watching how kindness filled to the brink
To pee in my pajamas and smile and watch as it dries.

When being little found favor in the King’s reign
And they filtered the water they made us drink
Until the pardon made us unwise.

To days when on my mother’s breast sleep would remain
Where girls are taught to wear the color pink
And asked to never dress before our eyes.

I miss the days of little feet
Where gums were used in place of teeth
Where mothers chewed our piece of meat
And swallowed the nutrients with it.

Where pain was shown by the loudest cry
As if a pinch would make us die
Until mother decides to pry.
And takes us in; herself and I

Can i go back to being little again?
I’ll love to shrink
Reduce this size. – Leon
I want to be young again
Sitting on the floor, crayon in hand
Where my only problems were how my dress matched my hat.
I want to be young again
With hardly no problem
Back to the time where I didn’t need to read to pass
Where my joy was truly full
I want to be young again
Go back to the moment when I first opened my eyes
Saw the world and thought it good
Where my version of crime was who took the last cereal.
I really want to be young again
When daddy was my hero and mom my queen
I want to be young again..
When I thought kissing was gross and boys were just girls without long hair.
I want to be young again
To be pure at heart and true in spirit.
I want to be young again..
No seriously, I want to be young again. -Sonia Nwosu
I want to be little again
To be ignorant of profit and gain
Paying no mind to guilt or shame
And know no such thing as real pain

If I get little again, today
I will my actions replay
Smile in that picture on display
And wish my sins away

Little again will let me in the rain
No worries about a bikini
My panties and bare chest will serve
Maybe my innocence, the water will preserve.-Hybrid
My tiny feet will tap in dance
As i’ll bask in Joy,believing in chance
I’ll still hate school and the bullies in them
But on my tiptoes i’ll stand up to them
My tiny fist will raise in bravado
My tiny friends will squeal bravo
I’ll trample fear under my tiny feet
I’ll be my hero…

My mischievous mind will flutter,
To obedience
I’ll brush twice a day
As now i see how it tames a smile
I’ll share all those small treats
As now i see it becomes part of me
Above all,i’ll clasp my tiny palms
And whisper to the big man up
Again and again...-Omolola
The times when we played mummy and daddy
With heart of good
No stain of guilt.
The times we used sand and broken sticks to stir an imaginary soup
I miss the times of tin tomato can that symbolized fetching pails.
Feigning it’s heaviness as we cunningly imagined a well.
Well, everyone in the neighborhood played hide and seek. Hiding what we could seek.
Little times had us admiring our strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, the times when we wet the bed or refused to sleep on time.
Had koboko by the side if we refused to close our eyes, forcefully papa wanted good, to express our anger we refused food.
Another spank again “you better eat before I give you back hand”
A similar phrase that made me bow my head whilst tears rolled down as I munched the eba.
Now I miss those days where the only ate we had was BEEF.
Can I just get those days back of simple friendship and less complication. – Rachel Charles.
Lustful wish to becoming little again
So I can wear a shade of yellow over red
And add up a little to my actual age
Neither worry about mileage
So I can be me without finesse
And hold my breath till I pass out
Would love those siesta times that I felt like dying
With a little more of crying
If I was little again
All pain and so much anger would be in distance
Loving hard like in this instance
I would curl up and sneak out
Over joyed as am thrown up in the air with out doubt.
A tender kiss on my forehead.
Thinking and wishing each star was a dead.
Not worrying what a boy would think
If I look into his eyes without a blink
Not feel sad about my monthly periods
Because I know of only school periods
So I’d cry a little less about how
Falling in love is a choice
And not believe the law
Of physic about like poles and negative and positive energy contracting.
I’d still be me without a lot a reacting.
I’d still be home with warmth all over.
And a love that would last forever. Hypermind
Your kisses!
Reckless trust!
Wild abandon and carefree Spirit!

Bringer of laughter

I look into your eyes
Wondering if this is you?
so frail and small.
I will look again
This time, with open eyes.

Your warm embrace!
Your ready arms!
My instant Heaven!

You’re a flower!
There’s no wrong too hurtful to forgive!
No sun, I cannot embrace!

You make me a child again.
You give me life!-OracLe
Dreamy days covered in childish fog
Even nightmares were awesome
How was I to know life is gruesome?
I wouldn’t have craved to grow in such a gog

Should I run backwards down this tunnel of time
I’ll climb trees and bruise my knees
Play with the hive in grandma’s farm and get stung by bees
Loath a little more in ignorance and excuse from crime

If i could be a child again
I’ll insist for a picture with you dad
Watch and smile how my misdemeanor drives you mad
Being a child again is a leave of absence from anger, hurt, hate and pain.

If i could be the young me again
I’ll be a child fully
There will come a time when childhood’s sun will wane
Then the rise of adulthood’s cruelty. Tee2emm
“Oh Educare of all, the school of efficiency! ”
I wanna be that lil kid at Educare
the one that was bullied without so much care.
I miss the tiny little lies
told from the fake weird cries,
by those lame girls on white socks.
Being the class monitor that rocks.

I miss Chidi, Kefas and Sunday
seeing Janice glow each morning by the day.
How I crushed on her till her family would park,
now she’s married I can’t even bark.

I miss the stories dad told to my little ears
and I went ahead to say it to my peers.
How the rabbit and the tortoise were wise,
their wisdom will beat any size.

I miss the fair teacher in Pre-Primary
she made sure I was an heir but my head was not hairy.
I miss being king at spellings and mathematics
I just knew it then there was no tactics.

I miss my little years as the mysteries I couldn’t find
of how to grow, to be fine, look smart, one of a kind.
I miss trying on to be king of the play
we cooked, ate and lived in houses made of clay.

If I missed these all, then I didn’t miss anything much
cause I broke my arms, was stubborn and missed lunch.
I still feel the pain from learning how to steal
but my tears should not roll, or even try to peel.

I don’t want to be that little kid who came first.
and didn’t have no gift, Shane was on their nest.
I love you boy, the one that has become,
It’s good not to ever forget where you came from. – Rudolph

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