Good Deeds!


A good deed could be when you pay heed
The mindfulness of another’s wellbeing
A good deed rids you of greed
When you care about how another feeds

A good deed reliefs grief
Could be elaborate or brief
A good deed has no ground plan
An act on impulse to lend a helping hand

A good deed brings two hearts
To tangle hand in hand like sweethearts
A good deed knows no rival
A hand holding luggage upon arrival

Good deeds sow seeds
Seeds that will heed the world’s needs.-Hybrid.
Another act attaining almost all
Either emotionally displayed
Or carelessly portrayed
A smile to a broken
A praying thoughts to those hoping
So either friend or family
We all reap what we might not have sown
Lemme just say
How can we all fall into play
Converting curious contentment
And making amendment
We say to another
How can I treat you better
By blood or religion you are not my brother
I’d only be good taking sides
And on a surf board of hate we all slide
Remorse remembering we had chances
Which seemed to be better than choices
Either a friendly wave to a stranger
A cup of coffee to someone having a hangover
A blanket for warmth to a homeless kid
A polite thank you and I’m sorry
Can I be of help to you isn’t so bad
But appreciation of your existence gives God the glory. Hypermind
There’s a good samaritan in every soul
That fluffy part of hearts
Melting in concern and care
An angelic inspiration
With a halo of kindness
And a wand of honesty and truth

There’s a good Samaritan in every soul
Acts that flee evil
Should be man’s yearnings
Onward on trails of righteousness
Although written in sands
They live on in hearts touched…-Omolola
Good deeds come from within,
Acts the deaf can hear and the blind see,
Comfort for the depressed, support for the bereaved,
It’s kindness beyond measures,
Giving without expecting,
Spreading that infectious smile like a deadly virus,
It’s living selflessly
And just like karma, it hits you back in the face.-Hijab Gurl
‘What does it matter!’ She cried.
‘What does any of it matter?’

‘What you’ve done is a miracle Shade, a good deed.
You should be happy, you kept your virginity until marriage!’

‘Only to now cheat on my husband?’ Oh let me cry!’

Let me cry for good men!
For foul men!
and the unseen woe, men in-between.

Let me weep for judgement and Justice his blind queer!

Now watch me laugh!
Mad laughter at hope and those upon whom it feeds.

I did a deed of goodness once.
I led my rabid bitch to the eatery next door
The cash i got, still feeds her young!-OracLe
Guilt cried to me all night.
When I got the news, heartbreaking.

Realized it’s dawn, too late to correct wrongs?

Please turn! Oh, please turn!
spare me one last run!

A chance to get our heartbeats right
One moment to re-right left turns

A smile, to say its all right!
A touch to awaken conscience

A day more, to do good
like you did to me. —Silvia.
Good deeds
Are like planted seeds.
The harvest takes time
But the trees become giants when they climb.

Like droplets of water
Soon they overflow
As night becomes darker
Their candles wear the glow. -Leon
A dead soul
Once lived
I offer you a hand of help
Not because mine is the longest
With the nothing i have
I fed your hunger
and quenched your taste

Good deed is just a name
Given to what should be rightly done
A soul asleep was once awake
Before stolen by sleep
An act You see with the eyes of favor
Same act i see with eyes of privileges.
I did it,not for the evil kids of your tongue
But for the heart with eyes that sees only good.-Bangwan
Welcome! Aboard the growth of seeds
the tiny one with the sun’s ray
or a dark root that grows to be if or may.
I know the difference, one is good deeds.

Utensils try to cook the food, one has greed
pulling strings to its kind with bars or ladle
when judgement finally shows its true label.
Reward follows the one with good deeds.

Words grow from wisdom so I take heed,
about habits, diseases, songs and my ears
some may not be me, but taught by my peers.
At the end, just be a responsible man with good deeds.

Amongst all sins, the church has the one it feeds
do you see the legitimate shunning of hell?
Telling us no, it’s no sin dear if you still look well.
When at the end no pit exists in good deeds. – Rudolph

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