Outside the box and pushing the fence.
Waltzing upon the expressways.
No box but freedom worth my two pence
Or the burden of mending my ways. – Seun
Pack of soul crushers
They leap to danger
Pack of prey rushers
Hunting with anger…-Omolola
She loved him from a distance,
Feelings she can’t suppress,
Despite his resistance,
Her love she must express.-Hijab Gurl
Was it the music or the beer?
We were on the dance floor.
How did we end up here,
With clothes littered right from the door.-Tee2emm
Living a foolhardy life
With sullied practices that always clash
Vowed to make alcoholism a wife
A smooth life with a skin rash. -Bangwan
Deliberate free fall
Ignorant of care
Not afraid to stand tall
Even in despair. – Hybrid
“Speed would have killed”,
Confusion thought for a minute.
Still speed she had willed
To slay alive or to die in it. -Leon

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