First Cut

First Cut

Slowly drunken on swollen moons
that hung the sky inside out.
Yours was a fresh smile with dark curves
rowing waters buried in between the chest swerves.
I will drink the night and belch lights soon.

First you dig in my weakness
cutting to make holes of similar roads.
Shot after shot, emptiness fools illnesses.

There’s lullaby hanging on slow ears
sucked on lips sweeter than poor to the rich.
Home is alike, it’s purely gold in silver lining pairs.

Cuts come in deep, with salts dipped
to melt those edges of pain, no worries.
I shall not forget the second of the thirds
that split in fives during the first cut when I sipped.-Rudolph

From the first slice
I had my share
By the first touch that melted me
It wasn’t always love at first
It took time to nurture and bloom
His kiss was swift like Judah’s curse
At first nothing, no searing pain
But it left a trail of blood
And then i let a silent scream
Eyes shut as memory poured
In little jars that scarred my soul
Sharp jibbing bites descending low
I love you first, you cut me first
50 50 a perfect score
Perfect not fair
But it’s a sum.

Second cut

He came back
I clapped at fate
For giving me a second chance
So i forgave and played along
After a while, feelings waned
The boughs shut off an angry steam
Kind of like a crazy dream
Only this time
The pain was real
I felt the coldness from the steel
It drove my heart to deeper lengths
It kept driving, it wouldn’t stop
The second cut a pound of flesh
It still drives in every wake
Twice beaten i never shied
I am that child that locked her gaze
When the cane came raining welts.-Vera

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