Birthdays are happy days
The celebration of when life was carved into existence
Another complete circle
A day so unique you can call your own
All we can do is rejoice and thank our maker
You’ve seen one and many more
Calm your fears, glam your face
Oh lady be happy
What more could you have asked for
The cake is baked
Your friends await
More photos to take
Preserve this state
In memory’s lap
Don’t shy from smiles
It’ll boost your mood
And do you good.
Happy birthday Hypermind.-Vera
A stake of bliss,
A pinch of peace,
For you to please
Made it to
Your menu today.

Like petals
Of Grace
On still waters,
I see
Serenity flow
In your bosom
On this day,
. . . your day

And now,
Hindsight tapped
Insight to belch
A foresight of glory.
But not you,
Only time will tell;
Tell the story.

And still
A stake of bliss,
A pinch of peace,
For you to please
Made it to
Your menu today.-Mala
a typical collection of a mirror reflection
achievements in a tied bottle,
to be sealed with a smile, a toast
For your hearts to fly – to soar.

A dust of thought lingering
in the air of seated done.
A strong fever salivating
through battle of weak doors.
Shall cake be iced cold with cool colors?
So oracles taste libations from an aura of death.

You have flipped a page to round the edge
again with joys, laughter, happiness and doors
leading to blessings.
I blew a candle for you,
it smoked 50 shades of hue. – Rudolph
Happy birthday
Day of grace and favour
My being celebrates your existence
Elders be proud
Their daughter’s day got poets loud.

A precious gift
That supercedes a thousand jewelry
Wear these words like a priest
Dance around and let’s hear the bell sound
Sound of refreshing
Sound of celebration-Rachel Charles
J’ai ponsé que Je l’aime
Oui, Je l’aime toujours
Ma soeur la belle
Avec un Coeur comme la lune
Une sourire comme les etoiles
Avec le courâge du chêne

Aujourd’ui c’est ta jour
Soit beni avec l’amour grand que le Soleil;
Joie sans la fins;
Amour plus grande que une mer;
Paix du ciel;
Famille heureux;
Je te souhaite tous ce que te veux

Soit beni
Bonne anniversaire ma belle soeur. Tee2emm

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