Do Scorpios act high and mighty?
November stars are above earth, lofty!

Fiercely free, I am the eight pillar!
Scorpios thrive, their sting killer!

We rule the Zodiac, the universe!
Powers bow to stars, to sorcerers verse!-OracLe
In hours between 28th and 29th
I’d cry again but this time for the ninth.

August in the calendar but Virgo
I must have skipped lemme do the intro

Am a Virgo 28th but ultra
A presumed born virgin to Cleopatra.-Hypermind
I am a bull that barks if I May be
Tied with a strength and a conscience to see

12 disciples may Jesus select
When a Taurus is born as his elect

I won’t talk, maybe red eyes and horns will do
me justice as I get to rule to. – Rudolph
Some know me quiet, others loud
Not sure which side, flip the coin to the cloud

One moment hot the next am cold
When all my smiles and laughter sold

Gemini’s hate routines or boring things
It’s all fun and adventure with the twins.-Vera
Capricorn and Aquarius
Goat, Water bearer. unserious

Tirelessly insistent
On a rope, I can make a tent

Ying and Yang; a life long dance
Here or there, forever my stance.-Hybrid
Brought to this cruelty in October
Can’t say when, but vaguely I remember

Born within Scorpio’s reign
The personality of other stars I just feign

I know the scope of my horrors and hopes
Enlighten me of birth months, horoscopes.– Tee2emm

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