Laughing and loving life
Remembering when rage racing in
Glory gazing getting green
I intend intentions inventing memories live.

Away awaiting days to get back
To tell the truth trust
My memories mesh from dusk
Dawning happy thoughts I thought I lacked.

Evolving in days I wished we stayed together
But a lot of activities between 8-11 and 11-6
That made me sick.
Funny I never knew we’d be this long without each other

In another life I’d still love
Same pair of you but much better.– Hypermind
On the phone to a loved one
Giggling and chuckling to every word
Another sound from the other end
Sends my ribs cracking loudly

Feet up the the wall
Drawing circles on my knee cap
Big grin like light rays on my face
By this time, it was time to move place

Curled up in a corner
As if I was in some bubble
Happy ripples still tickle
With my phone pressed on my dimple

Are you sure that’s your sister?
Yes, love comes through family sweeter!-Hybrid
Sometimes, filled with joy and laughter
Other times, spite and anger
Still, dine together to quench the hunger
Stuck we are forever.

Despite our difference, still we agree
Love shown at different degree
Those adventures were glee
Still get to hangout when free.

Those nieces and nephews, i’m joyful
For the warmth and happiness, i’m thankful
Making my days more colorful
My nights not so restful.

Would never trade you all for another,
To this family, glad i’m a member.-Hijab Gurl
One can’t be.
But,can be made from one.
For it takes one to make two.
And two,to make it be.

A universe of loving and annoying humankind.
Of the juvenile and aged.
Who can make or break you.
Dress and undress you.

Setters of right path.
The One’s who corrupts bad habit.
Who you love but can’t keep forever.
Whose shame of yours reflects on.

Same visage with nonidentical heart
one Tree with many branches. -Bangwan.
I saw happiness by chance today
Wow! So she still is in this world?
I thought her lineage was extinct.
But I saw her in the eye of a poor nursing mother today.

Saw her in the bosom of a hug
As spouses hold assurance between their palms
As their eyes tells stories words can’t
To their petite clones even in their “dis-havings”!

How much poverty can money buy me?
. . . That it hasn’t already
Family to me: a financial righteous sin
With not a heart: lest it’d have cared!!!

I saw happiness by chance today
Wow! So she still is in this world?-Mala
I am part of that awesome tree
It’s roots buried deeply in me
When we stray far we still turn back
Our group pictures all seem like joke

Sometimes we are a crazy lot
We do quarrel, all kinds of sort
They barge on you, unruly sum
And pick on you like peeping Tom

They are loud, it is a mad house
We all have dents on our left chin
The painful times that we all shared
Has strung us tighter than we thought

Bounded by blood, founded on God
Friends are welcomed with open arms-Vera
The dense cloud that pours on my roof
is from a heaven you would look.
For love that sits behind my room,
I saw their shadows as it blessed.

For mummy! The one that could spark
some stars that ended as siblings.
Daddy! The pillar behind me,
with a strength from that of the earth.

I have indulged so much of love
to sow a family which cares.
I love you all from my heart’s pit.
Don’t even think twice cause its true.

This is for you the one called blood.
Please know my words and know them all. – Rudolph
It was a wild movie set
7 posters on our rugged wall
Captions coined, the soundtrack of our playlet
Chally, the best character of us all

No spice makes a meal tasty like home
Ours was one beating with 10 hearts
It was our own little feel of Rome
We were a whole in different parts

Despite our hurts, we loved
Despite our grudges, we held hands
An inch at a time we shoved
Our aches into our hearts’ quick sands

Love was the block that fenced our home
We were 10 hearts beating as one. -Tee2emm
The seed I found
I allowed to drop to the ground.

Searched a soil
Tilled and toiled

Planted and prayed against weed

Watered for weeks
And gardened with sticks.

Asked tears of the rain
And the sun came again.

Branch in branch
Leaf in leaf
Dew for dew

The bark was pleased.The roots agreed
And tall there stood the family tree.-Leon

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